Target: Kids Clearance Books 70% off

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target clearance books

I just wanted to give you a heads up that all of the clearance kids books at my store finally went to 70% off today, and there was a really nice selection. I found this markdown at the Kent, WA store. I can’t guarantee you will find the exact same discount at your store, but if you are heading there anyway it’s worth checking out.

You should be able to find the clearance books in the electronics section with the other clearance items. You may also want to check the regular book section to see if you can find any there. Whenever I see the books hit 70% off I also pick up some for trips, Christmas presents and more.

target books

Here are just a few examples of the savings:

  • Barbie Wedding Party $1.18 (70% off)
  • Toy Story 3 Spring Into Action $1.18 (70% off)
  • Dora Good Manners $3.50 (70% off)

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for the heads-up…. I did not see the post till late last night and was almost certain that I might not find anything in my store. Not true, I found several good deals this morning all at 70% off. I bought almost $40 stuff at 70% discount, ie retail value of $133, several bday gifts, Christmas gifts etc , DONE!! Thanks so much.

  2. I went to my Target in Fort Myers,FL last night and they did have books 70% off but all that was left was a small endcap. I am going to try another Target in my area today as these books are great for holidays,birthdays or long trips! Thanks for the info!

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