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Target 70% off Toy Clearance 2019

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Many Target stores should have some 70% off markdowns today. When heading to Target make sure you check the actual price tags of the item and not the signs on the shelves. At my store I found an aisle with mostly all 70% off markdowns, but a lot of the other 70% off items were still on the aisles mixed in with the regular priced items.

Items I found marked down to 70% off today were a lot of games, NERF, Fingerlings, Hot Wheels, Incredibles toys and more. Here are just some of the items I found marked down to 70% off at my store, there were quite several more games and lots more misc toys.  I think we will see even more markdowns take place next week or the week after too.

I highly recommend the Fundapop!

I was surprised to find NERF items already down to 70% off.

These small Imaginext items make great stocking stuffers or Easter basket stuffers.

I also highly recommend this Stomple game.

There are lots of Incredibles 2 toys marked down.

We’d love to see what toy clearance deals you are finding at your store.  Share your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. My Indianapolis Target store was still at 50%. I picked up everything that I wanted and just figured I’d ask for a price adjustment later.

        1. You can re-buy the lower marked items and then return the ones you bought earlier. I’ve done this several times and it’s a great option. They won’t allow you to return items and then automatically re-buy.

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