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Target Halloween Clearance 90% off!!!

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YES!!   It sounds like Target’s Halloween clearance was marked down to 90% off today.    I received confirmation from Rachel that the markdown did happen at her Bedford, NH location and from Megan at her PA location.     Have fun shopping and make you post or email me your photos!

Here are some hidden deals that were found both in the Halloween section and in their respective departments. Keep an eye out for these and make sure you use the scanners if you see something that was previously in the Halloween section.

nail polish

Watch for Sinful Colors clear nail polish (Thanks Surviving as a Mom)

mystery moonshine

This Mystery Moonshine color is also 90% off (Thanks Kim)

character hoodies

You will want to keep an eye out for these character hoodies.     Erin picked these up for only $1.50.   Score!!

elf eyeliner

Watch for e.l.f. mascara and eyeliner for only $.20. (Thanks Elizabeth)

boots and barkley

Check the pet section for Boots & Barkley items. (Thanks Nicky)

halloween hotwheels

Check for these Halloween Hot Wheels (Thanks Sarah!)

Hidden Target clearance facial tissue

These 4 packs of Up & Up Facial Tissue are part of the clearance. These regularly are $4.99 so at 90% off they will only cost you $.49.   Also watch for 2-packs of Puffs tissue with fall leaves on them.

target hidden clearance plasticware

This plastic cutlery is also part of the clearance, these retail for $2.99. At 90% off they are only $.29.

hidden target clearane lunch bags

I was thrilled to find these lunch bags with orange stripes on them. Lunch bags are one of the things I rarely find on sale. These retail for $1.99 so they should ring up at only $.19.

target hidden clearance plates

Make sure you check the paper plates for these ones with bright green and orange stripes around the sides. These are part of the Halloween clearance also. These retail for $2.99, so at 90% off they cost you only $.29.

lego hexbug

Keep an eye out for these LEGO City sets and Halloween Hexbugs. Thanks Sarah!


Nicky let me know she found these cute Carter’s Halloween themed 2-pack pj’s mixed in with the regular pj’s.

We love to hear about the Halloween clearance deals you are finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. Halloween Hello Kitty flashlights were at the end of an electronics aisle. They weren’t marked as clearance, but they scanned as 70% off yesterday.

    1. I found a My Little Pony one. I think there are some superhero ones as well, but didn’t see them after the holiday.

  2. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!! Was able to find most hidden clearance and also found pink skelton pajamas in the young girls section for 90 off

  3. The Lego mini bag dc comics is also 90%. If you need them, check the men’s socks for the Mossimo brand that is Halloween.

  4. Thank you for the pictures! I dashed off right away and was so excited to find the tissues which I never get on clearance! I also bought a bunch of the clear nail polish for the city mission ladies’ Christmas gift bags (even if they do say “sinful”…). I bought the cutlery and some candy. Success!

  5. Thank you I was able to get the nose tissue packages! There were only a few but they scanned at .49 and I thought that was amazing! Of course they weren’t with the halloween. I felt like I did amazing things! By the way I also heard that there would be no returns on halloween items after halloween. So if you bought it at 50% and wished that you could get it at 90% since there might be lots of it left, they won’t deal with you. I bet the same will happen for christmas.

    1. That only applies to items you bought full price before Halloween. I noticed that on my receipt at the time and made sure to return my purchases before 10/31 when I changed my mind about the costume. You’ll notice it doesn’t say anything about it on the current receipts.

  6. I, was able to get the minion hoodie, chocolate cookies, a cowgirl costume for 2 bucks , earrings, socks, some eggs with lemon head candy inside, a bracelet , gum, some shirts and a face decal I saved 79 bucks yay!!

  7. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you and your wonderful readers who contributed with the hidden stuff. After going to 4 targets i think i got everything i was looking for and some…. Wish i could find the hot wheels but oh well. Look for mens underwear for 49 cents, look for ones with skeleton, ants, etc. they are kind of halloweeny but not really, so just look and scan. I also found couple tshirts in the kids areas with halloween pictures. So if you have time and patience go through the racks, look for hello kitty theme with pumkin and nnja turle ones for boys. Once again thanks, though i am not sure if my husband would thank you since i spent almost $50 total and according to the recipts, saved closed to 450 😉

    1. I found stacks and stacks of boys tshirts! So many I couldn’t buy them all! There were TMNT, Mickey Mouse, minions, snoopy, Lego Movie and Darth Vader. All for 80-90 cents. I was practically handing them to people to buy, lol! I also found My Little Pony and Hello Kitty girls shirts. Look in the folded stacks for black and grey shirts and those characters.

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