Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Tons of shoes were marked down to 70% off today. Most of the signs still said 30% and 50% off, but most were 70% off.

The summer clearance is 50% off. I am thinking the 70% off markdown should happen on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I will be sure to post as soon as I hear about the 70% off markdown. If you see 70% off at your store, let me know!

I spotted some girls bedding at 70% off.

All of the remaining Privet House items that were brought in for the Shops at Target, are now 70% off.

These 3-piece Wash Kits were also 70% off, they were only $5.98.

I didn’t really notice any major changes in the toys, except for the fact that a couple of Lego sets were marked down to 50% off.

Both the Lego Hogwarts and Lighthouse were marked down to 50% off.

Quite a few packages of Twizzlers at 50% off.

Lots of Gain Dryer Sheets and Downy Softener, these were at 30% and 15% off.

Huggies Hawaiian print diapers are on clearance.

Lots of summer clothing on clearance. There is a much bigger selection of clearance clothing in women’s, girls and infants/toddlers. Most of these are 30-50% off, but we should see them go even lower by the end of the month. Make sure you print the new Target clothing coupons to save yourself even more money.

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  1. I’m in southern CA I went by Target today to check out the shoe section and our store was still at 50% off I scanned to make sure, I’m thinking it will happen next week here.

  2. Question- when they mark down toys (legos is where I noticed it) why isn’t all of them marked down? To clarify, one pirates of the caribbean was 15 and a completely different set was marked at 30 percent. I scanned the toy and it rung up at the 15 percent. But I asked a worker and she scanned it with her scanner and then she marked out down. So, is my store being lazy our is it corporate that decided to not have them all go 30 at once?

  3. @Cambree I am not 100% sure, but I think most of the markdowns at the stores may be based on inventory. Also, some of the Lego’s may have been marked down different weeks. If one set was marked down 2 weeks ago, it will be at a different level then one that was just marked down this week.
    When the big clearance happens at the end of the month I think most store HAVE to have everything cleared out so they can make room for all the new toys, which is why almost all the stores mark the items down at the same time.

  4. Ok, thank you! I think my store (wenatchee) is just not keeping up on it. I never noticed this after christmas, but after christmas there was always workers in that section. Right now I have seen them twice total. I also looked today and saw some new toys that were clearanced. So I can’t wait for the big clearance to see what else will be marked down!

  5. Lacey, WA store had summer clearance at 70%. still had lots of plastic/outdoorsy type of plates, tumblers, pitchers, igloo bags and some small dollar type summer toys.

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