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Target: Halloween Clearance 70% off + Hidden Clearance Finds!!

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Target Halloween Clearance 70 off 2014

The Target Halloween clearance at my Federal Way, WA store was ringing up at 70% off (signs only said 50% off, so make sure you scan to double check the discount at your store.)

halloween food clearance 30 off

The food was still only ringing up at 30% off, so we will do our best to alert you to when it goes 50% off.

Here are some hidden deals that were found both in the Halloween section and in their respective departments. Keep an eye out for these and make sure you use the scanners if you see something that was previously in the Halloween section.

Hidden Target clearance facial tissue

These 4 packs of Up & Up Facial Tissue are part of the clearance. These regularly are $4.99 so at 70% off they are only $1.49. If you are lucky to still find these when things go to 90% off they will only cost you $.49.

Kristine also found 2-packs for Puffs facial tissue.   The boxes have fall leaves on them.

target hidden clearance plasticware

This plastic cutlery is also part of the clearance, these retail for $2.99. At 70% off they are only $.89.

hidden target clearane lunch bags

I was thrilled to find these lunch bags with orange stripes on them. Lunch bags are one of the things I rarely find on sale. These retail for $1.99 so they rang up at only $.59.

target hidden clearance plates

Make sure you check the paper plates for these ones with bright green and orange stripes around the sides. These are part of the Halloween clearance also. These retail for $2.99, so at 70% off they cost you only $.89.

lego hexbug

Keep an eye out for these LEGO City sets and Halloween Hexbugs. Thanks Sarah!


Nicky let me know she found these cute Carter’s Halloween themed 2-pack pj’s mixed in with the regular pj’s.

We love to hear about the Halloween clearance deals you are finding, you can share your Target clearance deals the following ways:

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  1. I might have to go back tomorrow and see if there are any of those Lego sets up by the registers. A few years ago they were up there and I got them at 90% off for only 39 cents a pack! I bought 20 packs and used them for Operation Christmas child and my son’s birthday 🙂 I also found a Lego Emmet shirt in the Halloween clearance today for $2.70.

  2. By the way what do you do with lunch bags…ah besides the lunch idea. Some how or other I’d think you might have other ideas. I bought lunch bags today too. I bought them to start off with for Christmas at the school- we still have a visiting Santa after the Christmas program who hands out bags that the PTO puts together with candies, orange and peanuts. But then I got more and decided to pick your brain for ideas. thanks

    1. I make my own microwave popcorn with lunch bags. Just add 1/4 cup and pop 🙂 And then add your favorite toppings.

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