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Target Christmas Clearance Highlights

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Woo hoo! The Target Christmas clearance has begun! We have a post with tons of photos of items that you may not expect to be a part of the Christmas clearance because they don’t necessarily look Christmas themed.

Here are the dates the markdowns happened last year. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on things and give you updates each day.

  • 50% off (30% off food) ~ December 26th
  • 70% off (50% off food) ~ December 28th
  • 90% off (70% off food) ~ December 31st

We did want to call out a few fun deals that we didn’t want you to miss!

Don’t forget to check Starbucks!  My store had quite a few of the holiday tumblers marked down to 50% off (these will go 70-90% off).

Unfortunately, the Starbucks cups are not in the Target system, so unfortunately you can’t check if your store has any by entering the DPCI.

The cute Ruby + Cash make-up bags are included in the markdown.  These retail for $5.00 so at 50% off they will be only $2.50, at 70% off they will be $1.50 and if they make it to 90% off they will be only $.50.  What a steal!

Not all of the gift items are included in the clearance, but these cool glass water bottles are part of the markdown.  They are so pretty!

Another great item I found were these cozy slippers from A New Day.  They come in several colors.   I’d love to hear what items you are finding that you didn’t think would be part of the markdown.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your finds so far! I haven’t had a chance to check out the Targets I normally go to. I hope to find some stocking stuffers for next year or some throws/blankets like I found last year. It doesn’t seem like there as many items this time?

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