Target: KidKraft Toddler Kitchen 70% off???

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I have heard from several people now that have found this super cute KidKraft Toddler Kitchen marked down to 70% off at their Target stores.   The regular price is $89.99 and they were able to pick it up for only $26.98.

Please keep in mind that clearance prices will vary by location so this may not be marked down to 70% off at your store yet.    I thought if you were heading to Target anyway, it might be worth checking out.

Thanks to Paige for photo!

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  1. No one should ever shop at Target! They are rude and have the worse customer service! My wife has shopped in Target twice and both times they were rude and corporate did not care when we complained!

  2. @td ..I think target has very friendly team members….way better than Walmart or kmart! Give it another shot, if not, more clearance for me!!! Lol.

  3. Huh…you are the complaining. This blog is for target supporters not haters like you. It’s no wonder corporate didn’t care about your complaint, you sound ridiculous …like I said earlier, more clearance for the rest of us! U go shop at Walmart or something!

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