Target Halloween Clearance 2015 (50%, 70% and 90%)

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Target Halloween Clearance 2014

I love holidays, but I love the day after at Target just as much because it means holiday clearance!!   The Target holiday clearance gives us the chance to pick up items for 70-90% off the regular prices.      Sunday, November 1st is the day the Halloween merchandise will be marked down to 50% off (food items will be 30% off).     The last couple of years the markdowns for 70% and 90% off happened sooner than expected.    I can’t guarantee they will happen early again this year, but I wanted to give you a heads up on the days that markdown happened last year, because it will give us a general idea of when they may happen this year.

  • Halloween 50% off (food 30%) – November 1st
  • Halloween 70% off (food 50%) – November 3rd
  • Halloween 90% off (food 70%) – November 5th & 6th

Tomorrow I will be sharing some photos of everyday items that were in the Halloween section that you may want to watch for at your stores (paper plates, Kleenex, storage bags etc).

We will keep you posted when things get marked down and give you a heads up on hidden clearance deals   We’d love your help!   If you see that the clearance has gone to 70% off or 90% off shoot me an email ([email protected]) or post directly on the All Things Target Facebook wall.     We all love photos, so you can send those in or post those too.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.03.05 AM

Don’t forget to also check the Dollar Spot because there will be clearance there too.     Happy shopping, I can’t wait to see all your photos!

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  1. I’m pretty upset with Target. I went this morning and none of the Halloween merchandise was on sale. The manager was waiting on headquarter and they didn’t have an answer neither when I called. I hope you have better luck!

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