Target Halloween Clearance 2012

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Don’t forget the Halloween clearance will go 50% off on Thursday, November 3rd. It’s highly likely that the bagged candy will only b 30% off. The items in the Halloween section will eventually be marked down to 70% off and then 90% off. To get a good idea of when the markdown may take place, here are the days the markdowns took place in previous years:

  • November 1st – 5)% off (candy 30% off)
  • November 4th – 70% off (candy 30-50% off)
  • November 7th – 90% off (candy 70% off)

I love picking up items in the holiday clearance for everyday use.   Here are a few examples of things you may be able to find this year:

Every year there seems to be a nice selection of Halloween costumes on clearance. I wait until they go 90% off and then I buy some for dress up fun for my kids. I also have picked up costumes to save for the next year.

There is a chance you can even find some home decor items. I found this black scroll frame that doesn’t have any Halloween motif on it, and would be great for everyday use. It retails for $7.99. so at 50% off it will be only $3.99.

They Play-Doh multi packs make for great birthday party favors or stocking stuffers. They do not have anything Halloween on them, the Play-Doh colors just happen to be Halloween type colors, which really is no big deal.

Watch for specially packaged Bounty paper towels with a spider web on them.

The majority of the plastic cups & plates I use for get togethers come from Holiday clearance. Now is a great time to pick up solid color cups.

You can also find snacks that would be great to throw in your kids lunches. I am hoping to find some of those Z Bars, so save some for me.

This year I also noticed some flashlights in the Halloween section, these would be another great item to pick up.

Please keep in mind, that Target may move some of these items out of the Halloween section and mark them down at a different rate. For instance, they make take those Z Bars I want and put them in the food department and only mark them down 15% off. The same thing may happen to the paper towels. I hope not, but they have done this recently so I just wanted to give you a heads up.

I look forward to hearing what you all find this year when the markdown take place.

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  1. Found Movie Night snack bins with NO halloween theme, $3.99 each. Perfect to pair with a movie gift card for a Christmas gift. Lights, snacks, and paper products all 50% off in McKinney, TX.

  2. Found halloween 18 gallon tubs marked down 50% to $2.98. Puffs tissues not with the rest of Halloween, but came up 50% off. Had flashlights in our Halloween area, scanned a Toy Story one, and not on clearance. 🙁

  3. I would like to buy the Halloween,thanksgiving, a Christmas bounty paper towels on line.please tell me how I can do this.

    1. Check to see if they have those items. The pictures from this post are from 2012, so they may not be available.

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