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My Target 90% off Easter Shopping Trip

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I had so much fun Saturday morning! I wasn’t planning on hitting up the Easter 90% off clearance because I had a “to-do” list a mile long, but I decided to ditch the list and head to Target.  I am so pleased with everything I found.  A few of these items will be for my home, but many of these will be for gifts. I love putting together inexpensive gifts using the Target holiday clearance.

I shopped at 3 stores this morning (I was totally serious when I said I was ditching my “to-do” list).  Only two of the stores were 90% off and one was only 70% off. One of the stores still hadn’t change their clearance signs since they were 30% off, they all still said 30% off, but everything was ringing up at 90% off (food was 70% off). For those that are wondering, Magnolia Hearth & Hand items were still only 30% off.  What is up with that?

On to the good stuff! Here is what I picked up at 90% off.

I actually found these glass jars in the kitchen department with 70% off clearance stickers on them.  I thought it was strange and knew they were part of the Easter clearance, so I scanned them and sure enough they rang up at 90% off.

Green Glass Canister $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Blue Glass Canister $1.69 (reg $16.99)

Cake Plate $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Round Tray $1.49 (reg $14.99)

Floral Platter $1.29 (reg $12.99)

Squeee!  I was so excited about this one.   I swear I did a little happy dance.  I was on an end cap with the kitchen clearance.

Wood/Marble Cheese Board $1.99 (reg $19.99)

Serving Set $1.49 (reg $14.99)

eos lip balm $.69 (reg $6.99)

Travel Mugs $.30 (reg $3.00)

Marble Pinch Bowl $.69 (reg $6.99)

Nerf Nanofire $.49 (reg $4.99)

I was also excited about these gift bags.

3-pack gift bags $.30 (reg $3.00)

Tea Towel $.10 (reg $1.00)

Microfiber cloth $.10 (reg $1.00)

Sponge $.10 (reg $1.00)

Staples $.10 (reg $1.00)

Pencils $.10 (reg $1.00)

Note Cards $.10 (reg $1.00)

Pouch $.10 (reg $1.00)

Notebook $.30 (reg $3.00)

Note Cards $.10 (reg $1.00)

Stationery Set $.30 (reg $3.00)

Laundry Hanging Signs $.10 (reg $1.00)

Stationery Set $.30 (reg $3.00)

Frames $.30 (reg $3.00)

Socks $.10 (reg $1.00)

These are the food items I found at 70% off.

Milk Chocolate Cashews $1.79 (reg $5.99)

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  1. Awesome finds!!! My store hit 90% this morning. I didn’t head out until after 11am and I still found some goodies. Unlike previous years my store was NOT fully stocked so I wasn’t able to get baskets OR buckets. However, I did find some plush which were FP.. cashier price adjusted and some other items. You did AMAZING!!! Skip the list for another day. Love your content…stay blessed

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