Target: My 70% off Easter Finds + Things to look for

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Here is what I picked up at the Target Easter 70% off Clearance.  My store had moved all of the black dot dollar spot items in with the Easter Clearance.   If you don’t see the clearance in your dollar spot section, you may want to check the Easter department for the markdown items.

  • Nordic Ware Decorating Tip Set $6.00
  • Nerds $ .30 (for movie night)
  • Socks $ .30 (stocking stuffers)
  • Sparkly Pencils $ .30 (for party gift bags)
  • Lip Smacker Tropical lip gloss $ 1.25 (for party gift bags)
  • Stickers $ .59 (just because my daughter would love them)
  • Treat Bags $ .89 (these were too cute to pass up, for next year)

I was thrilled to find one of the Nordic Ware decorating tip sets at 70% off.  Technically, it rang up at full price $19.99, but I told her that it was in the Easter section and when it came up on the register it even had “Easter” in the product name, so I had no problem getting it marked down to 70% off.  If you find one at your store, you may want to try the same.

The ones that were in the Easter section look different than the ones they have in the kitchen section.  The Easter ones have green packaging and the everyday ones have yellow packaging.

Sadly, the small Lego sets seem to be ringing up at full price and not at 70% off.   Oddly enough, they are actually ringing up at $4.29, and the price in the Easter department has them priced at $3.99, so I am not sure what is up with that.

You may want to check the regular food section to see if any of the themed Goldfish or Oreos ended up in that department instead of the Easter section.

My store (Kent, WA) had a nice variety of items marked down to 70% off.  I was the only person shopping the Easter clearance at 9:00 am, but things seemed to pick up just before I left.

All of the bagged candy was 50% off at my store.  Make sure you check your coupon stash, there may still be some coupons you can use on these.

I would love to hear what you picked up!

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  1. I a super jealous with the stock still left at your store. The one here in Yakima had hardly anything left and what was there was super picked over. There was no markdown/clearance sign in the Dollar Spot either. I thought about asking but was limited on time anyway.

    1. I am jealous with the stock at your store too! The store here ran out of the good stuff the day before easter.

      Also, I went to Target yesterday and the yellow stuffed Oreos were not on sale. They were regular priced…

  2. Yay! I got a bunch! 2 princess lipbalm 3 packs for $1.19 each, 2 cute divider plates for .89 each, a craft kit for $3.50, cupcake Easter eggs for $.60, 152 sticker roll for $.89, and 4 mini Cinderella dolls for $1.49 each! I put pictures on my blog, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The Target in Chicago usually doesn’t have much by now either. I got stuff when it was 50% off but have not had a chance to make it back. Might be able to go tomorrow when I make my trip to other stores by the same location. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something!

  4. I had the same problem with the Lego packets! And the ones I was getting were the Harry Potter ones that were in the Christmas stuff! Crazy. I got a nice selection of bday gift favors. Cute stuff!

  5. i got a wilton bunny shaped pan for $1.50( there was no packaging on it, so i ask how much it was, so she looked it up on her scanner thing and said $2.99 -would you like it for $2.99 i go no thanks, how about $1.50 SURE DO!!! and a wilton brownie pan for $2.69, spider man basket for $3.00

  6. I shopped the Kent, Wa store on Monday. I bought a bunch of the bagged lego sets. When I got out to my car I noticed they had charged me the full price. I brought them back in and they issued me a credit. I was able to get them at 50% off. This also happened with the Burt Bee’s lip balm. They were incredibly friendly about the whole thing..

  7. The Lacey store had alot left this morning when I was there at 10 a.m. The Easter section was getting pretty busy when I left at 11:30. Got some great deals!

  8. I was just at the Renton Landing store. They had a TON of the Dollar Spot at 70% off. Easter stuff was pretty picked over, but they did have a lot of the empty plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies, a few cake pans, and a fairly good supply of bagged candy. I really wanted the floral table cloth, but the only one they had left was the egg one. I might have to hit the Kent one tonight, being that it’s just down the street from me. I love having four Targets so close to my work / home!

  9. Lakewood/Arlington still has a lot of toys that could be used for stocking stuffers… small princess dolls, small hello kitty mega block sets, lip glosses in the dollar section for .30, color books for .30.

  10. the lacey store had lots left (around 1pm today) in the dollar section for 70% off…magnetic pads, gift bags, greeting cards, post it type notepads. in the easter section they had the small hello kitty mega blocks set and mini disney princess dolls for $1.49. i found one super mario bro. mega block packet for $0.89 (my 6 yr. old was very happy when i gave it to him…he’s obsessed with everything mario).

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