Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Here is the Target Weekly Clearance Update. This week I found so much stuff on clearance this week, lots at 70% off. Clearance deals will vary by location. I am located in the PNW.

My store had SO MUCH of the Dollar Spot clearance items.  These were all marked down to 70% off.  I don’t expect these to stay on clearance too much longer I am guessing they will be salvaged in a few days.


The wedding/bridal Dollar Spot items are included in this clearance too.

These is so much clearance going on in the bath department.  I found lots marked down to 70% off.

There is lots of clearance in the jewelry department too.

The bedding is another section with a ton of clearance, most of it is 50% off.  I am hoping I will be able to share photos next week of it at 70% off (fingers crossed)

Check the lighting section, I fold several Smart bundles on clearance.

There is a large amount of clearance in the beauty department too.  This mascara is 70% off.  I found the majority of these items in the regular aisle, there were a few items on a clearance end cap too.

Some products even have coupons!

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