Target: Some Toys went 70% off today!! (Paper Jamz, Loopz game, Spy Gear and more)

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I stopped by the Kent, WA Target to check out the toy clearance and I found several of the toys marked down to 70% off.     Most of the signs still said 30% off, but I went up and down each aisle and checked those red price tags

Here are most of the items that I found at 70% off.    Clearance will vary by store, but I have heard from a couple of people that the Paper Jamz went 70% off at their store too.

All Paper Jamz items were 70% off, and the Kent store had quite a few. These are fun toys and well worth the price, especially at 70% off.

Both the Loopz and Loopz M3 games were 70% off. We own the original Loopz game and it is a lot of fun. Great gift for a teen too!

Several Spy Gear and Spy Net items were 70% off.

Liv Spa playset at 70% off. Most stores have lots of Liv dolls, so when those go 70% off you should be able to find some at 70% off.

BizU jewelry kits 70% off.

Imaginiff game also at 70% off.

Seemed like lots of boy toys went 70% off.

Most of the clearance Zhu Zhu items were marked down too.

For the little ones, I spotted a Lucky Duck game at 70% off.

Let us know if you see any toys at your store that are 70% off, so we know what to look for (please leave store location if you can). Thanks!

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  1. Christy,
    I was at the puyallup store, not the mall, this morning and the loopz game and the wi-fi helicopters weren’t 70% off. I actually only saw one toy marked at 70% off and I scanned alot of them to make sure and they were only 50% off.

  2. Thanks for the tip Christy. I just ran up to the store in Kent to grab many of the toys you shared (little one has a birthday coming up), The stock is really low on some of the items you have pictured now – looks like they are selling quickly – but I got a cart full for $40! Thanks again 🙂

  3. I live an hour away from my nearest Target and was planning on going next Thursday. Do you think it’s safe to wait until then? Meaning most of it hasn’t been marked down yet? I don’t need anything you have listed but want to make sure I don’t miss the “BIG” day 🙂

    1. Yes, Debra I would wait until next week. There should be a much bigger selection of items at 70% off next week. Wow, an hour away – I’m not sure I would survive. : )

  4. I’m hoping for some better items to go on clearance soon since a lot of these toys my boys have no desire for or they look like they would be thrown to the side after an hour. Saw some small lego sets 30% off and hopefully those will go to at least 50% soon. Legos don’t seem to make it to 70%. They had a lot of Cars 2 items 50% off – small little RC cars were $12.48. Someone working there once told me that until the blanket 70% discount happens some items will go to 70% quicker if there is more than 5 of the same item in stock.

  5. I hit up my Target this afternoon as well. I won’t be able to go in the morning of the big day and will only possibly be able to go that evening and see what’s left over. So just in case I wanted to go today and get what I could. Better that then nothing, right? lol. Anyway, I got the Paper Jams stuff too at 70% off including guitar straps! I picked up a dozen items total and 9 of them were 70% off. I even got Alphie the talking robot refill cards at 50% off and there was a $2 off coupon attached! Really hoping I can make it on the big day. There were a ton of items I’m interested in but they were still at 30% off. We’ll see..

  6. I went today Perrysburg, OH (actually to two Targets) I was able to find sandals for me and my tot at 70% off. But the toys I got today were awesome deals. I got a boys 12″ Hot Wheels themed bike for only $20.38. 70% off. It was such a good deal I got one for my nephew too. I also got the following at 70% off 3-Lite Sprites $8.98 for my nieces, and 1-Made for me Crayon carrier $5.98. I did see some squinkies at 50% off, and most of the legos at my store are and have been 50% for a few weeks now. Really wondering if the clearance will happen next week. Usually there is much more, and most of it has gone to 50% by now. I wonder if it will happen later, since so many know it goes at the end of July.

  7. I found My Generation dolls 70% off today. Normally, $34.99, marked down to $10.49. I got two. Can’t wait ’til next Thursday!

    Kansas City North- Chauteau Trafficway location.

  8. I was wondering on the “Big day” what is the best time to go? I know for a fact it is Thursday they mark the toys at my Target. I went a few times by noon and they were already marked down. When does everyone usually go after opening? Last year i didnt get there till mid afternoon and it was well picked over by then, i did get some great things but the main stuff i was interested in was gone. Thanks 🙂

    1. Sally, I think I would try to get there by 9:00. When they had this clearance sale in January most of the toys were already marked down when I got there at 9:00. In previous years, they would start marking them down by 9:00.
      It will really vary from each store, they could be marked down as soon as they open, or they could mark them down during the day. I

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