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Target Clearance Update

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I went to my Target today to scope out the Halloween clearance and there really wasn’t much left! There wasn’t any candy, but there were a ton of costumes. Here are the few items I did find that weren’t costumes.  I didn’t buy anything, when it comes to Halloween clearance I always wait for 90% off. There probably won’t be anything left at that time, but I am ok with that. We have the Christmas clearance to look forward to.  It’s my fave!

Some Zak drinkware is included in the Halloween clearance so watch for mugs and water bottles.

I did find one lonely Halloween throw.

Don’t forget to check the dog treats!  Check for packages with a Halloween theme on them.

Many stores have the school supplies finally marked down.  You will want to watch for these special edition Sharpie markers.  These were not marked at my store, but they rang up as part of the clearance.  At 70% off, they will be only $2.99 for the pack.

Another department you may want to check is the handbags.  I found almost all the handbags at my store were marked down to 70% off.  There were lots of great styles!

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