My Target Christmas Clearance 70% off Shopping Finds

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We got a bunch of snow in Washington, which isn’t normal for us so it wasn’t easy for me to make to Target.  I finally got the chance to head out today and here is a peek at what I found on day two of the 70% off Target Christmas clearance.  Make sure you check out our resource with tons of photos of items you want to look for that are part of the Christmas clearance.  You will want to walk the entire store to see if any of these items are in their respective departments.  I only bought a couple of things, I will be waiting for 90% off to buy most of the items I want (if the weather will cooperates).  How about you?

This Hearth and Hand faux plant is included in the clearance, it was $5.99 (reg $19.99)

I spotted the Hearth & Hand hot cocoa pot in the Hearth and Hand section. at 70% off this is ringing up at $8.99 (reg $29.99).

I also found this Hearth and Hand pillow for $5.99 (reg $19.99).

I found a Hearth and Hand metal countdown sign for $5.99 (reg $19.99)

I was thrilled to see the Stasher bags with the holiday prints in the kitchen department.  These were $7.19 (reg $23.99).  I love these!  It’s rare to find these on sale for more than 30% off, so 70% off is a steal!   I have plenty so I am waiting or 90% off.

This cute Olive & June holiday set is $6.00 (reg $20).  I love this brand!

Here is a new item I found today!  These Sinful Colors nail polish were in a display in the Christmas department, but you may find them in beauty.  These are $.89 (reg $2.99).

These Vitamasques mask sets are $3.00 (reg $10).

Lots of Scunci sets at 70% off.

Make sure to watch for these beauty sets with the silver round priced stickers on them, they are included in the clearance.

These Kristin Ess bobby pins were on an end cap in the beauty department.  

There were Scentfull foaming hand soaps at 70% off too.

I also found these Beloved bath products (there were candles too).  These are $2.99 (reg $9.99), but they also scanned buy 2, get 1 free.

For some strange reason, this year the Threshold holiday decor is not part of the Christmas clearance.  So weird!!  Most stores are marking them with clearance stickers like the regular clearance.

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  1. At the Target down the street here in Marietta, GA, the Christmas clearance was sparse but still offered deals. Unfortunately, you have to scan everything to be sure it’s on Seasonal Clearance. Found a Nightmare Before Christmas pajama set and it scanned at FULL PRICE! Looks like some will go to 90% and others are going to end up in regular clearance and only get to 70% eventually. :-/

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