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Starbucks Color Changing Cups Teacher Gift with Free Printable Gift Tag

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It’s hard to believe the school year is almost over! Which means, it’s time to start thinking about teacher gifts. I’m sharing a fun idea for a gift using the Starbucks color changing cups. You really could use any type of cup for this gift. I’ve included a free printable that you can attach to any gift you give.

Were you fortunate enough to grab some of the popular Starbucks color changing cups at your local Target store?  I got a set because I knew they would make great teacher gifts.  The set of 5 color changing cups were $16.95.  I have heard that they might be restocking them, so don’t lose hope if you are still hoping to grab a set..  If you really have your heart set on a set, they are selling for crazy prices on Ebay.

They are really cool, once filled with ice they will change colors, giving the cups a coo ombre effect.

I thought these cups would make great teacher gifs, simply add some items inside the cup, like chocolate and a gift card.  I chose a Target gift card, but Starbucks would be a great option too.  There are lots of fun ways you could fill it, movie passes, restaurant gift card or even just a note.

I made this printable to attach to the cups.  You can print the gift tag for free.

Punch a hole in the tag and attach it to the straw with a ribbon.  Ta da!  You’ll have a gift your child’s teacher will love.

I love them!   They were super quick and easy to put together too.  Will all the end of the school year projects, it’s nice to have something that comes together quickly. 

You can also wrap it up in cellophane and attach the tag to the outside.    What do you usually give teachers for gifts, we usually always give a gift card and a note from my kids.  I’d love to hear your ideas on teachers gifts, please share!


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  1. My Starbucks in Target has only gotten them in once and then it was only 4 sets. The barista said they may or may not get them again.

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