Readers’ Target Clearance Finds & Shopping Trips

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I am loving all the photos you guys are sending my way.   I have been busy painting this week so I haven’t been to Target.  All of these photos have me wanting to drop everything and run to Target.


Karissa took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free book deal! The final price worked out to $3.77 per book.


Here is more of Karissa’s trip. My Little Pony toy was $17 after clearance and Cartwheel. The vintage-look Pyrex mixing bowls finally were 70% off – $3 for the small ones and $4.50 for the large, $2 girls’ camisoles and $8 rain boots (she lost her nerve waiting for those to go to 70% – I can relate!)


I’m sure we can all relate to this:  Heather went into Target today to get one thing…and well, that didn’t happen.  It never does! She found all of these lanterns and string lights for 70% off    Those lanterns together would have normally been 130.00 total but she paid a little less than 40 bucks for all of them.   Score!!


Becky got these on clearance for $2.98, with Red card $2.38.   Originally 9.99!   Such a steal.


Candace scored a Dyson at 50% off!


Maria scored this gorgeous bed canopy for $8 something. I love it!


Megan found this Nate Berkus lamp. Originally $65.99, she got it for $19.78.

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