Readers Clearance Deals (Diapers 50% off)

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I have heard from a couple of people now that they are finding boxes of diapers at 50% off. I can’t guarantee you will find the same deal at your store, so I wouldn’t make a special trip, but if you are headed there anyway you might want to check.

I also wanted to point out one more deal, because it’s an awesome one. Aubreyanna found the LEGO Life of George game for 70% off. It was priced at $8.98 (reg $29.99). This is such an awesome game (you have to download an app to play), we own it and I would gladly pay full-price for it. She found this on the same aisle as the dolls and stuffed animals. I hope somebody can find one of these too!

Thanks Sarah & Aubreyanna!

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  1. I saw the Life of Gorge the other day but don’t know much about the game? How does it work? Can a four year old play it?

    1. It’s probably a little too old for a 4 year old, and it requires an ipod, Ipad or smartphone. They have a card that shows them an item they need to build. The timer starts and they build the item. Once they are done, they take a photo and they get a score for how fast they built it. It’s a fun little thing to keep kids busy, even on the go.

  2. I got the iTikes piano for $14.99 from $49.99 (70%) and I also saw the Life of George. I wish I had realized how recommended it was. I would have grabbed it!

  3. I grabbed the Life of George game on your recommendation. Though it was only 50% off at my local Target. I have two huge Lego lovers so it is sure to be a hit 🙂

  4. Yep… found a box of Huggies Overnights marked at $9.88… had a $1.50 Target coupon from the recent baby mailer and a $2 Huggies coupon for the Overnights!

  5. There are still Life of George for $8.98 in Tucson. I grabbed one for a birthday gift (can never have too many stashed).

  6. I just saw Life of George at the Lynnwood, WA Target today (70% off!) and remembered this post. I was surprised there were any left. Thanks for the recommendation–I picked it up. My son is five and might not be ready for it yet, but he’s already a Lego fanatic. Heck, it looks fun to me–maybe I’ll just play it! 🙂

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