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Readers 90% off Halloween Shopping Trips!

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Here are a few photos of readers 90% off Halloween shopping trips, I have received lots of photos so I hope to share another round later today.

halloween sonya

Check out all the clothes Sonya was able to pick up at 90% off. There is some cute stuff there!

halloween cassidy

Cassidy was able to purchase all of these items for $45.

halloween elizabeth

Here is what Elizabeth say about one of ย her trips: ย “Part of my Target 90% off trip the Christmas double packs of puffs tissues rang up at .29 cents, I even got the harvest/fall/Thanksgiving table scatter small boxes of leaves and acorns decor for .10 cents..(cashier had to put those in manually they werent found in the system)

2 sections plates, 2 pumkin dedcorating kits (owl and bat) 5 sippy cups, spider man candy pail, angry birds carving kit, 3 boxes table scatter, Cinderella pumpkin cover, 2 fairy accersories, 2 packs glow sticks, 2 packs window clings, claw bottle opener, 4 night lights, 2 packs cupcake holders, 2 plastic venomous cups, 4 double pack boxes tissue. not pictured, police costume hat.”

halloween shirt

Karla was able to pick up this women’s shirt for only $1.20.

halloween melanie

Here is what Melanie had to say: ” We scored this earlier today at 90% off. We got halloween nightlights for 69 cents. Who cares if they have bats on at that price! We really needed some.
Im not sure if anyone else has noticed this but Elmo halloween books in the book department are ringing up 99 cents – should be 9.99!!! I went through all the books they had and it was only the elmo ones. My son loves it! Its pretty cute with the sounds.”

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  1. i got the below costumes on 90%

    small black ninja costume – 2$
    dusty costume – 3
    Vampire costume – 1.50
    ninja sword set – .60c

    captain america costume – 3$ on 70% i got yesterday

  2. i also able to score many things on 90%

    5 hand soap black bottles, pig, angry bird, 2 more push ups for pumpkin decoration. small pumpkin decorations, toddler straw bottles, small plates, tray set, spiders, glow up mice,alien, pencil, mice, and on on . this year i spent a lot in my clearance ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wanted to add, make sure you check out the grocery aisles. Found the Halloween shaped Kraft mac and cheese for 70% off. They were not marked but scanned at 38 cents.

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