Newly Remodeled Target Store with Self Checkout!

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My Target store in Renton, Washington recently had a remodel with brand new displays and cool new fixtures.  I thought it would be fun to give you a look at the new store.  You can follow me on Instagram for even more Target goodness like fun clothing, cute kitchen items and pillows that tell you you’re gorgeous!


The new displays are more open.  It has a very crisp and clean feel to it.


I found lots of new display tables and baskets for merchandise.


I  kept waiting for this young man to finish “chilling” so I could take a picture of the new furniture department.   He stayed in that same spot the whole time I was at Target. I kept walking past him  every 5 minutes.   I finally just had to take a sneaky photo so he didn’t think I was stalking him.  That would be awkward.   I did blur out his face to ensure his privacy.  I’m nice like that!

IMG_4750 (1)

Some of the display shelves are shorter and not as tall, which is great for us short people.

IMG_4728 (1)

Here is a peek at the newly designed “tech center”, the whole place has a very cool vibe to it.


Lastly, and definitely not least, we now have self checkout.   I am so excited!  Did you see they even have a place you can put the empty hangers from the clothes you buy?  Cartwheel still works at the self checkout too.   It’s super cool!

I’d love to hear if you have one of these newly designed Target stores near you.

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  1. One of our targets here in the salt lake valley has self check-out now and i like it….but i kept the hangers with the clothes i bought! Muahahaha!

  2. Mine already installed self check out and I am loving it. Except for the people who slow it up bc they can’t figure out how to scan items. They really should post signs 10 items or less only. But there is a downside. I was talking to someone at my store and they are already having problems with people trying to steal items. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. I don’t really care so much about the self checkouts, but LOVE the new look of the store! I hope they remodel ours here in MN soon.

  4. They have had self check-out at the Pleasant Hill, CA store for about a month now. They are finishing up the remodeling of the home section currently.

  5. The Target at 135th Street & State Line Road in South Kansas City, MO is scheduled to begin a $4.5 million dollar remodel in February 2017. Target has decided to reduce its overall size by about 25% (including 25% loss in the backroom) vs. closing it. I am hoping we will get the full remodel treatment (Tech Center, upgraded food cafe’, upgraded fresh produce, all new gondola’s, new signing, new shelves, new checkouts, sure hope we get new devices as our MyDevices & PDA’s have seen better days). It will be a long 6-month haul, but I have done new store sets and remodels for other retailer’s before.

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