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More 90% off Target Valentine Shopping Trips

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Check out all of the great 90% off clearance deals people have found at Target this week. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your clearance finds, it’s such a big help for others to know what items they can look for. You all are the best!

valentine boxers young

Young found this pack of men’s boxers at 90% off.

valentine clearance terra

Check out all these cute animals Terra found. The striped animals were only $.49 each!

valentine dog treats mbf

Mbf let me know that there are dog treats that are ringing up at 90% off, so make sure you check the pet section too.

valentine tissue mbf

Mbf also gave me the heads up on this tissue paper that is ringing up at only $.29. It is kind of a pearly white color, so will work great for any occasion.

valentine lisa

Holy cow! Check out all the great stuff Lisa found!   I’m just a tad jealous.

valentine maggie .29

Maggie lucked out and got these Mega Blok sets for only $.29 each.

valentine pam 1

valentine pam 2

Wow! I am totally amazed at all the clothing and kitchen items that Pam found.

valentine katelyn

Katelyn found the super cute canisters, they were only $.49 each. She also found a tank at 70% off.

valentine kristine

Check out all the good stuff Kristine found.

valentine vanessa

I am totally impressed with Vanessa’s finds, she found so many great things I haven’t even seen before.

valentine muffin pan vanessa

I did want to share a close-up of one of the muffin pans Vanessa found, this rang up at only $.99. I seriously love when you can get great items you can use everyday for 90% off.

valentine pez

Lisa found this super cute Hello Kitty Pez dispenser pack at 90% off. Score!

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  1. Found 7 of those Lego seaplane poly bags this afternoon in regular toy aisle (34 cents each), of course they came home with me. And also a couple of those Play-Doh mickey and minnie sets (49 cents each).

  2. I didn’t even see half of these items even before valentine’s day… I guess people buy these stuff as soon as they are displayed?? Good for Target I guess 😉

  3. The store I go to in Maryland is really busy and they don’t usually discount items that much. (For example, the boxers for men weren’t discounted at all–full price.)
    I was thrilled when I noticed that lots of Valentines Day items were still available and discounted at 70-90% off—bought some gift wrap and candy. Went back to pick up a few things today, and the aisle of clearance had completely disappeared. ??? Does anyone know what they might have done with all of it overnight?

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