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Easy Way to Make Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family

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Easy way to make cleaning fun for the whole family

When Spring rolls around I get the urge to do some deep cleaning around the house, but I also get the urge to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Our family likes to get both things accomplished.  We choose a Saturday morning to work together as a family to get all the household chores done before we head out for a day of fun.   Just because we call them chores doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun doing them.

To make cleaning the house a little more lively and fun we came up with this game to make the chores seem a little less like work.  To get ready for our epic cleaning event we stopped by Target to stock up on Lysol, Air Wick and Finish products so we could #SpringIntoClean.

Make a list of chores

I made a list of all the chores that need to be tackled and then a made another list of fun, goofy or relaxing things that can be done too.  I print out the lists and cut them into strips (you only have to do this once, you can save all the strips to play/clean again at a later date).   There are usually 2 jobs for every 1 silly or fun task.

Add chores to a bowl

All the strips of paper get thrown into a bowl.


Each family member grabs a strip and tackles the job or task on the slip of paper.    When that task is complete they grab a new strip from the bowl and complete that task.

Clean shower

Some strips are real work, like cleaning the shower.  We like the Lysol Power & Free Bathroom Cleaner because it is free of chlorine bleach, so we don’t have to worry about kids and pets.  There is no need to wear gloves, masks, or protective eye wear.   I love the fact that there is no bleach, I don’t have to worry about my kids staining their clothes.

Load dishwasher

Loading and starting the dishwasher with Finish Powerball Max in 1 tabs is another job.    These Finish Max in 1 tabs are great, there is no need to unwrap them, just put them in your dishwasher with the wrapper.

snack break

In addition to jobs there are also fun things to do like, take a 5 minute snack break.   It’s best if you take this task seriously by gloating when others walk by.


You can even get a silly task like sing “I’m a Little Teapot”,  with the actions of course!

Air Wick

Once the chores are done we finish off with Air Wick Life Scents room spray.  This fast acting spray eliminates odors, so not ony does the house look clean, but it smells clean too!   I love the smell of the Paradise Retreat, it has a mixture of coconut, almond blossom, and cherry.  Once we are done and the house is clean we are ready to spend the day playing!    The great thing is this game we created makes cleaning seem more like playtime then a chore, it really is a fun way to get work done around the house.

Lysol at Target

You can find the Lysol products at your Target store on the aisle with cleaning supplies.   I found the Finish and Air Wick on the next aisle over from the cleaning supplies with the air fresheners and candles.

Lysol Target

Through 5/14, Target has an offer when you buy 3 Lysol products you will get 1 FREE.   Make sure you take advantage of the following Target Cartwheel offers too:

Make sure you check out how others #SpringIntoClean.  There are lots of great tips and tricks for getting your home clean.

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