I Turn my Target Gift Cards into Disney Gift Cards for our Vacation

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disney gift cards

I love to get creative about how I save money for our Disney vacations and I found a super easy way to get Disney gift cards for our vacation. This method doesn’t take any money out of our monthly budget. Here is what I do!

Store Target gift cards

I save all of the Target gift cards I earn when I take advantage of their gift card offers. An example would be when they offer a $5 Target gift card for buying 3 hair care items. Instead of spending the Target gift cards I store them all in a bowl at home.

When I have a nice stockpile of gift cards I enter them into the Target app on my phone.    The Target app will allow you to combine all your Target gift cards into one gift card which makes it so much easier at checkout.    Using one gift card on your phone is so much easier than using 20 $5 Target gift cards.

Add Target Gift cards

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download the Target app if you don’t already have it.
  • Click on “My Accounts”
  • Click on “My Gift Cards
  • Click “Save a Gift Card” to enter your first gift card
  • Once you have a gift card saved, just choose that gift card and click “combine” to add more money to that gift card

Once our vacation draws near, I  head to Target to buy Disney gift cards with all of the Target gift cards that I earned and stored onto my Target app.    I easily end up with $50-$100 worth of spending money.

I’d love to hear if you do anything special with the gift cards you earn at Target when they have a gift card promo.   Do you spend them on your next trip?   Do you save them for something special, like Christmas gifts?   Please share!

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  1. I stockpile my cards too. I usually save them for an item that I have been eyeing for a bit or for back to school clothing, etc. The last time we used a stash of our cards was for our daughter’s bedroom set. Her bedding was “free” with those cards, which was nice. It takes time, but worth it. Thank you for the app…I had no idea. Would make it easier then carrying all them around in a rubberband 🙂

  2. Can I combine my Target e-gift cards and Target gift cards on this?

    I thought it wasn’t allowed to buy other gift cards with our Target gift cards?

  3. I too thought that you could not buy other gift cards with a Target GC. Clarification would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  4. What a great idea. I never knew you could combine your gift cards. Plus I usually spend them right away, maybe I can try saving them up now.

  5. You can not buy other gift cards with a Target gift card- HOWEVER disney gift cards ring up as ‘entertainment’ cards- so you can use target gift cards on them ! 🙂 You can use swagbucks for target gift cards and then use them to get the disney entertainment cards as well!

  6. HI, i got two gift cards to target, both having 25 dollars on each. I did the combining on the website and bought a 50$ gift card to disneyland with the two target gift cards! Worked great! They will not do that in the stored anymore, but had no issues doing it online! Thank you for the great advice! My boyfriend and I planned a trip to disneyland for my birthday, and we are going to be staying at the hotel, so the extra money is great!

    1. Yes, if you buy them at the Disney ticket window you can use as many gift cards as needed. I know they used to limit how many gift cards you can use online, I am not sure if that is still the case.

  7. When I first saw this post, it motivated me to do the same. Then, I also downloaded the apps Shopkick and Swagbucks. By walking into stores, scanning items, and completing some surveys online, I racked up $25 in Target e-gift cards within a week. It’s a bit time-consuming, but totally worth it! 😀

    1. Yes, you can use them in-store. In fact, that is the only way I personally have purchased the Disney gift cards with my Target gift cards.

  8. I know this article is a few years old, but I was wondering if anyone has been able to use their Target gift cards to buy Disney gift cards in store lately? I have over $200 in scanned gift cards in the target app and would love to get Disney money for our trip. I’m concerned that they won’t allow me to use them, especially since most of them are $5 or $10. You used to be able to combine them in the app, but they don’t allow that anymore.

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