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DIY Button Bracelet

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Easy to Make Button Bracelets

I found these wood buttons and faux suede cording laying next to each other in a bin at Bullseye’s Playground. I loved the simplicity of the buttons and the bright colors of the cording. With a package of each I was able to make these colorful button bracelets.

DIY Button Bracelet

You’ll need:

DIY Button Bracelet

Thread the cord through two button holes so the ends of the cord are on the backside of the button.

DIY Button Bracelet

Take one end of the cord and pull it back through another hole towards the front of the button.

DIY Button Bracelet

Pull it through the remaining button hole towards the back of the button.

DIY Button Bracelet

Leave a little bit of space to create a small loop in the back.

DIY Button Bracelet

Pull the cords through the loop and the button should lay flat.

DIY Button Bracelet

Grab both ends and tie a knot to finish the bracelet. Make sure you leave a loop big enough for the button to slide through.

DIY Button Bracelet

DIY Button Bracelet

I was able to get one adult sized bracelet out of each color of cording. They’re lightweight and so comfortable to wear. You could even stack a few on your wrist for a stylish accessory that will match whatever you’re wearing.

DIY Button BraceletAnalisa is a mom and avid DIYer. Along with her family, she will travel anywhere just to say she’s been. She writes about creating, parenthood, and her family’s adventures at Parental Perspective. She’d love to meet you so feel free to visit her on Instagram or Facebook and say hello!


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  1. We bought the supplies at Target for 70% off yesterday and made these this morning. My daughters loved it, thank you for sharing such a great idea 🙂

      1. Post parfait : liste des fournitures et fournisseurs, explications claires. On voit trop de produits à acheter tout faits dans la rubrique Diy ! Bravo et merci.

  2. Planning to buy a big roll of the cording, any idea what length piece of string you’d cut to make an adult sized bracelet? Making them with my students for Mother’s Day 🙂

    1. A standard size adult bracelet is 7”. I would 18” so you have enough to tie off and slide over the button. Maybe measure the wrist, double it and add 3” for tiring the loop.

  3. What size are the buttons? I tried to buy the one from the link on amazon and they are a lot smaller than the ones in your pictures. Also, the holes are too small for the cord to fit through. Thank you.

  4. Thank for your sharing! I love the simple design and bright colors. I think I may purchase the items for my students to make a bracelet for their moms for Mother’s Day.

  5. So cute. I’m doing this with my kids. I think it would also make a cute hair tie if you used stretchy cord/elastic instead of regular cord.

  6. Love this. I’m going to make these but I can’t figure out how to tie it. Someone help or show a video or so. I’m not very creative. Lol

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