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DIY Flour Sack Towel Apron

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It was time to buy some new towels for my kitchen. Obviously, I went straight to Target.  I grabbed these because I loved the color and how huge they were. Four 30″x30″ cotton towels for $3.99 is kind of a no brainer, right?! Well, it turns out they’re big enough to make an apron out of. If you have 30 minutes and basic sewing skills you can make one too. Let me show you how!

You’ll need:

Lay the towel flat and grab a pencil and ruler. Measure 8.5″ from the top right corner going left and mark it with a pencil. Then along the right side measure 8″ from the top right corner going down and mark it. Use the two marks to connect them with a gentle curve.

Fold the towel in half and cut on the curve.

On the edge that was cut, fold it over about half an inch and iron. Do this for both sides.

Fold it over once more and sew it to create a nice clean edge.

Take the quilt binding and fold it in half lengthwise. From the half point measure 12″ in each direction and mark with a pin or clip. This is going to create the neck area for the apron.

Put each of the 12″ marked bindings on the top left and top right corners of the apron. Use plenty of pins or clips and continue to sandwich the fabric inside the binding along each curved side of the apron.

Fold each end of the binding inside to create a clean edge. Start at one end and sew the binding closed as you work your way along the apron.

Now I have a gorgeous apron that matches the rest of the towels in my kitchen. Wouldn’t this be an easy and inexpensive way to create aprons for every season or holiday? How fun!

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