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DIY Easy Faux Marble Planter

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Do you have a black thumb but love pretty greenery? Me too…me too. Well, I found out Target has artificial plants by Project 62™ and they look fantastic. Can you believe they’re under $5 too! The white planters they come in are classic, but I wanted a quick and easy way to dress them up. All it took was a six dollar roll of marble shelf liner and less than 5 minutes. Now this artificial eucalyptus sits in a stunning faux marble planter looking like a million bucks. You’ll definitely want to try this!

You’ll need:


Measure the outside of the planter. Add an inch or so to your measurements and cut the shelf liner. The shelf liner has a grid on the back which makes it very easy to cut.

Use scissors to cut just the backing of the shelf liner down the middle. Fold the pieces over a bit.

Position the shelf liner on the planter. Use your fingers to smooth it out. You can remove and reposition it as needed. The shelf liner is very forgiving.

Remove the backing of the shelf liner a little at a time as you position the rest over the planter. If the shelf liner goes over the top edge of the planter you can trim it off or just fold it over.

You can cut the excess shelf liner from the bottom or tuck it under. To tuck it under you’ll make cuts from the bottom of the shelf liner to the bottom of the planter. Fold in every other piece towards the middle.

Finish it off by folding in the rest of the pieces.

Didn’t I tell you it was easy? You can also find artificial arrowhead, fern, and grass if you need even more greenery in your life. Since they’re so easy to make and maintain why not add more?

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