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Target Christmas Clearance: Chi Air Expert Iron 70% off

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This year all the Christmas clearance beauty products seemed to be marked down at the same level and rate as the food, so today we are finding them at 70% off instead of 90% off like the rest of the clearance.   Here is a deal I wanted to give you a heads up on…watch for the Chi Air Expert with a gold pattern on the iron, it is ringing up at 70% off.   This is only $29.99 (reg $99.99).  They also have a similar one in purple that is also ringing up at $29.99.

I’m going to share a little tip with you that helps me know whether items are part of holiday clearance or whether they are a part of just regular clearance.    The regular everyday clearance items will usually end in an “8”, while the majority of holiday clearance will end in either a “9” or a “0” when they are marked down.

You can view even more holiday clearance items by checking out the All Things Target Facebook page where readers have posted photos of their finds.   Lots of great stuff!

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  1. So funny, I visited a few local Portland area Targets. . . at the ones that didn’t have them locked up I saw at least two of the full priced purple Chi irons sitting by the price checker. Someone’s been reading your blog!

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