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Fun Ways to Gift Blistex this Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year when gift giving is at the top of your to-do list.   Are you looking for a gift idea that would be great for friends, coworkers or even your family?  Blistex is a gift that everyone can use, especially during the winter months when our lips require extra protection.  With Blistex on hand you and your friends will be prepared for the cold winter months that cause dry chapped lips.   If you gift Blistex this holiday season your loved ones will always have what they need to help moisturize and keep their lips healthy.  

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm helps to seal in moisture to soothe and prevent dry lips. Using Blistex on a regular basis will ensure your lips always look their best.  Conveniently, Blistex value packs can be found at Target stores and online at Target.com.  I’m sharing some fun ways you can gift Blistex lip balm this holiday season.

You can make these cute Blistex lip balm tags that are convenient and easy to gift to friends and coworkers.   Just use these free printable tags.  Print them on cardstock, cut along the outside of the tag and the middle portion that will be used to store the lip balm.   You will need these Lip Balm Pouches by My Favorite Things to complete the gift.

Once all the pieces are cut out, tape one of the lip balm pouches to the back of the tag. Insert Blistex lip balm and attach a plain piece of cardstock to the back to ensure the Blistex stays in place. Punch a hole through the top of the tag, slide some ribbon through, tie it off and you are done! These cute tags come together quick and easy.

You can also use them as an extra little gift and gift tag on top of a package.  It’s a fun way to dress up a gift.  The recipient with be grateful for the gift of healthy lips.

Another idea is to use Blistex to gift a friend with a fun mug filled with items that are perfect for the cold winter months, use a mug, a packet of hot cocoa, some gloves and the Blistex 3 balm value pack.

Add all the items into the mug, wrap in cellophane and tie it up with a ribbon or attach an ornament. You’ll have a thoughtful gift that they will love! Blistex really does make a great addition to any gift and makes a great stocking stuffer too.

You can find the Blistex 3 balm value pack. at your Target store near the checkout lane or in the lip care aisle.  You can save 10% on Blistex with the Target Circle offer through November 30th.  Pick up the Blistex 3 balm value pack for yourself, for gifting and for stocking stuffers!

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  1. Sadly it appears that the almighty advertising dollar has infected this site which was previously one of my favs. However once the product placement starts there is no longer any truly independent review. I can’t fault anyone to try and capitalize on their efforts – but I would much rather deal with banner advertisements than paid articles.

    1. Hello Target Forevs,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. My site has grown more popular over the years so I have to make money in order to pay the bills. I actually pay a fee to have the site hosted on a server large enough to handle the traffic. And it’s not cheap, it’s actually double what my very first car payment was.

      There are more sponsored post in November than other months because companies want to get the word out about their products for the holidays. If it’s a company I love, I am happy to share. I am very selective about the companies I work with, they have to be a company that I can stand behind. I do not take every offer sent my way, I have turned numerous companies down. I have also tried a product before that I was not pleased with, I told the company that I could not promote the item on my blog because it did not meet my expectations. You can trust that I will share my honest opinion.

      While I agree there needs to be a happy balance between content and sponsored content I believe I do my best to give my readers the best of both worlds. Great Target deals, clearance finds and fun events while also paying my bills with carefully selected sponsored content that I think my readers would actually enjoy learning about.

      All the best,

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