Willa Skincare Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

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I get quite a few offers to review products here on the blog and I am very selective about items I choose.   When the opportunity came up to review Willa Skincare items for girls, I knew I wanted to participate.   Here are a few reasons why:

About Willa Skincare: The skincare line was created by a girl name Willa and her mother. It all started when they were looking for natural skincare products for Willa and we couldn’t find them. Even though Willa knew it was important to take care of her skin – she didn’t enjoy doing it. Hence, Willa Skincare was born. Together, they created 17 products; each is special and different from other brands because they were developed by girls, for girls.

I thought the story of how the company was started was such a neat idea. I love when creators of product are people who will actually use them.

Willa Skincare is all natural:  Since these items are aimed towards girls, I knew they would be great for my daughter. She has sensitive skin and I thought the fact that they were all natural would be perfect for her.

Willa Skincare is available at select Target stores:  Since we are mostly Target deals here at All Things Target, I thought the fact that you can find these items at select Target stores would make it a perfect fit for the blog.

Since these products are aimed towards girls, I thought it would be fun if my daughter shared what she thought about a few of her favorite Willa products:

Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash

It was fun trying out the facial wash, I liked that it was foaming, it made it fun to wash with. It made my skin look and feel better than with any other product I have used.

Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer

The face moisturizer smelled so good, and felt even better! I even had someone at school tell me my face was really soft.

Smile Butter Lip Balm

The lip balm was so cool! It smelled incredible and it is a nice size so I can carry it around with me and whip it out whenever I need it

Willa Skincare products are sold at select Target stores.   You can also purchase the Willa products online at WillaSkincare.com.   They are currently offering FREE shipping when you spend $50 or more.

Two lucky All Things Target readers are going to win the following Willa products:

  • Willa travel kit with the foaming face wash and moisturizer
  • Smile butter lip balm trio gift set

Enter the giveaway:   Just leave a comment on this post letting you know who in your life would be a good fit for these Willa products (daughter, grand-daughter, niece, friend, etc)

Giveaway will close on Wednesday, March 6th at 9 am PST. Good luck!

My daughter and I were given Willa products in order to facilitate our review, no other compensation has been given. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. I have a young daughter and would be delighted to win this to try with her and teach her how to properly take care of her skin

  2. I’d give these to my fiance. No, seriously. He’s a baker, and his skin gets wrecked by the ovens. He needs some TLC too!

  3. I would love to suprise my niece with these products.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. This would be wonderful for my niece. Thank you for the chance to win the kit or lip balm!

  5. I would love to win this product for my little sister-in-law (just turned 13yrs old last month)

  6. i would give this to my daughter i’m sure she’ll love it she’s a girly girl and enjoys taking care of her skin 😉

  7. This would be wonderful for my daughter. She is a tween and loves to try beauty products!

  8. My sister would love these products. She is 14 now and her skin is super important to her

  9. I’d love to win! My best friend is getting to adopt their foster girl they have had for 2 years and are throwing a big party to welcome her. I’d love to give this to her as she is wanting to be more grown up and girly.

  10. I would these to get my daughters into a good skin care habit. I never really had one and hate the scars I have now.

  11. Truthfully, I’m interested for myself! But I’d give it to my almost 13 year old niece – she’d love it!

  12. This would be great for me and my daughter…..then maybe she would stop using mine!

  13. I would love to try this with my daughter. She suffers from eczema and is way too young to have the skin issues on her face she has already. 🙁

  14. I would love to give this to my niece! She is hitting the age where she is starting to wear makeup, so she definitely needs something to help her take care of her skin and keep it clean!

  15. My little sister just became a teenager last month! Her skin is very sensitive and has been flaring up with acne, so I think she would really benefit from this product. Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. My sister would totally love this! She is such a girlie girl and deserves a nice treat for being such a great sister =)

  17. My daughter just turn 10 last week….she’ll love to try this on! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  18. I think my mom,Willa, would love to get & use skin care products with the same name :o)

  19. I would love to give these to my student aide at school!! She helps me out so much!

  20. This is my first time hearing about this product but I am super interested in trying it out myself. I have really sensitive skin — even now I have to use baby products (e.g. lotion and sunblock) because they have less harsh chemicals than regular products. To find that there are cosmetics to be 100% organic is exciting news for me!

  21. My 7 year old daughter has been resisting the hygiene routine lately! This line would be fun for her to try! And, this mommy would be so happy!!

  22. I know my niece would love this. Her parents are going through a pretty rough divorce and I think would be just the thing to cheer her up!

  23. Thank you All Things Target! I would give these beautiful products to my son’s lovely girlfriend.

  24. I would love to give my niece on of these sets!! She has just started getting into this and it would be nice to introduce her to some healthier products. Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. I would appreciate giving these to my sisters. They’re young and need to learn the meaning of taking proper care of their skin. These products are cute and ideal for the needs of active, wacky teenagers, which would make it even more significant to be able to gift these to them. Thanks for the giveaway !!!!

  26. My daughter would love this, she currently struggles with her skin and I feel so bad for her. We have tried to find some all natural products for her so she would be so excited to try this!

  27. These Willa products would be perfect for my younger sister, so that she can start learning how to take good care of her skin.

  28. I would love to have my daughter start with a skin care line that is especially for young skin. I look forward to checking it out at Target, if I don’t win, the next time I’m there. I hadn’t seen it.

  29. This would be a wonderful line of products for my college freshman daughter-she has sensitive skin and is trying to find something that will make her skin feel good while taking care of it-college life is busy and skipping out on taking care of ones face and skin is a no-no!

  30. The little girls I nanny (ages 8 and 11) would love Willa products! I’d be so happy to win this contest and be able to surprise them with a skincare line developed for girls like them!

  31. I have twin girls that are 3 years old. Since they are a little young, I’d give it to my almost 9 year old niece. She’s always helpful with my girls and her younger brother and sister.

  32. My preteen is becoming more aware of caring for her skin – she is 11 years old and would be thrilled to receive Willa products. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  33. My daughter had just started puberty and this is a great way to introduce her to use organic, natural skincare products.

  34. I’ve heard about these products before. I think my niece would love to try them out!

  35. I would love this for my youngest daughter, whom is 17 and has come into her own. She is growing up so fast and is deserving of so much more than I can offer. Thanks for the chance to win such a great gift for someone I love.

  36. i would love to win this for my teenage daughter! I think it is important to teach our daughters how to care for their skin. 🙂

  37. Ok, I would give the face wash to my hubby, because he has really sensitive skin and the natural products would be great for it…. but if I am being completely honest I would probably keep the lip balm for myself. :). just being honest, gotta keep these puckers happy!

  38. I would def give the set to our oldest daughter. She’s suffered from eczema and dry skin all of her life and it’s been very difficult to find products that are all natural that is compatible for her skin type. We’ve tried Eucerin, Aveno, been prescribed topical steroids such as Elocon and those are just too harsh at times for her. Also, since she’s made the swim team and is a freshman in HS that is always on the go, having a travel set will help encourage her to wash her face and keep it balanced after swimming in the chlorine after meets. I am trying to teach her the importance of taking care of her skin and learning to read what ingredients are in a product to help educate her decisions so she can have good habits later in life. These natural ingredients and free of chemicals Willa products is a great way to intro her to that. Thanks Christy for another contest!

  39. My daughter has sensitive skin and we have not been able to find products that do not cause redness and irritation. Everything we have tried is just too harsh. These products may be exactly what she needs. Thank you for sharing this information.

  40. I’d love to try Willa cosmetics out! My skin is so sensitive so I’m always looking for something new that works. I’d also love to let my sister, mom & Gram know I found something great!

  41. I would give them to my DD who is turning 11! We even looked a these in a magazine article. They would be great for her.

  42. I would use them! I have very sensitive skin & it’s also very acne prone… Not a very good combo. And since i’ve had my son it’s gotten even worse & I can’t find anything that is sensitive enough & works

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