Target: Watch for Shoes Marked Down to 70% off

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Check out all the shoes that reader Kathy picked up at Target at 70% off.  I have actually heard from several shoppers that have said the shoes were 70% off at their stores too, so you may want to check out the shoe department next time you head to Target.  Let us know what you find!

Thanks Kathy for the photo!

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  1. Yep, I found a bunch of cute little girls shoes for $4.48 (I think) at the Lake Stevens Target. And they had a pair of cute Toms-look-alikes for me for $10. Yes!

  2. Sucks.. bcuz…I have a boy…and they had no 70 off boys….just girls…..tons and tons…theres always more girl stuff than boys ; [

  3. My store had 70% off girls and boys, and I snagged a pair of Siss Gear sneakers for my son that I have been eyeballing for weeks! There were a lot of girls shoes as well…I was bummed that my picky 3-year-old girly wasn’t in the mood to shop! I bought her a pair of sparkly silver shoes anyway for $4.48!

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