Target: Pink Dot Items now 70% off???!

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I just heard from reader Nichole that the pink dot items are now marked down to 70% off at her store in Leesburg, VA. This markdown may or may not be the same at all stores, but there is a good chance it is. You will want to scan on of the pink dot items just to make sure, if they ring up at $ .30, they are in fact 70% off.   Woo Hoo!

The items with the orange triangles are also 70% off.

These are the things I buy for when the dollar spot goes 70% off:

  • Stocking Stuffers
  • Party Treat Bags
  • Activity books for long trips
  • Gift Baskets

Happy shopping all!   Let me know what you pick up.      Thanks Nichole!

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  1. As of this Monday, two of my local stores are 0.00 for pink dot items, which usually means they are salvaged and most cashiers will not sell them.

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