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Target Summer Seasonal Clearance Update

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Target is throwing us for a loop with the strange way they have marked down summer clearance this year.   I’ve gotten reports that some stores have said they won’t go any lower than 50% off, but don’t lose hope.  I have heard from a few people that the summer seasonal clearance has indeed gone down to 70% off at their store.   Renee was able to score a cartful at 70% off!   Woo hoo!

Here are some of my thoughts on the new markdown and whether or not I believe it’s a new thing that will happen every year.

  • I think the summer seasonal items were extremely popular this year.  The Mickey items made them sell quicker than usual.  I think because the majority of this section was Disney themed that may be one of the reasons it was manually marked down with clearance stickers (this is just a guess, so don’t quote me on that).
  • Yes, I do believe there is a chance these items can go 70% off.   We have proof that a couple stores have actually been marked down to 70% off.
  • I also believe that there is a chance that 50% off is the lowest some stores will go.   One of my store was completely picked over, there isn’t much left.  It may not be worth the hassle for them to mark stuff down lower.
  • I do not think we will see this section go to 90% off this year.  I am guessing it will be salvaged at 70% off (or even 50% off at some stores).
  • I do not believe this will happen with every seasonal clearance from here on out.  I just don’t see them adding a clearance sticker to every single Christmas ornament or gift bag, it would be too much work.   There is a chance they may do this next year with the summer items since they aren’t technically holiday themed.  Maybe the clearance stickers work for the summer seasonal.
  • Do I still think Target is awesome even though they are messing with the routine?  YES!!

Monica spotted this cool pool float from the summer section at 70% off!

You know we want to hear all about the summer clearance  deals you score (even if they are only 50% off) ! If you have any pictures of clearance deals you want to share,  you can submit your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. My Target store was remodeled this year. Ever since, I have not seen any good clearance deals. It is very depressing. Somehow almost all of the summer items are not there and there never was a mark down. Beach towels still remain at full price. Just this week they marked down summer toys to 30%. Looking for the good deals is what makes Target fun. I hope this is not a new trend!

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