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Target: Summer Clearance now 90% off!!

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Target 90 off summer

This is the day we have all been waiting for! OK, so we are probably also waiting for the toys to got 70% off, but this is not that day. It sounds like the summer clearance has finally gone 90% off. If you don’t see 90% off signs don’t forget to scan, scan, scan!

Keep in mind that clearance can vary by location, so if yours isn’t at 90% off today, it should happen very soon.

I would love to hear about all the great deals you score. You are more than welcome to post photos of your deals on the All Things Target Facebook page.  If you want, you can also email me a photo of your finds to [email protected].

Happy shopping!

Thanks Sunny, Jessica, and Liz! Thanks to Jessica for the photo!

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  1. Nashville Target has summer stuff 90% off today. I got SO many great things! 8 lawn chairs ($1.29 each), 10 kids chairs ($1.49 each), tons of outdoor games (.99-$1.99), bubbles (.29), ice shaver (3.49), kids craft kits (.10) and boxes of foam stickers (.50). YEOW!

  2. I’m with you Kristin – we had cookie mix and a few random plastic plates – and oh yeah, some broken stuff!

  3. I got lots of cake mixes at $0.16 and $0.14, sprinkles $0.39, Drink dispenser $1.49, some Freezer center drink jugs $0.79, metal rake/shovel/spade kits $0.69, metal watering cans $0.59, Kid size big rake $0.69, side walk chalk princess and super hero 4 packs $0.49 and smaller packs for $0.29, several bubble items $0.59-.79, Croquet kits $1.99, A Gazillion Glow sticks and necklaces for $0.10 each.

  4. 90% in Emerville, CA! Got sidetracked on my way to work. Jump ropes (.19), swim tote bags (1.00), Coppertone sunblock (1.39 and used $5/2 Qs!), Glad cling wrap (.29), kids gardening gloves (.39), kids gardening tool set (.49), kids chalk sets (.29), sand toys (.19), bubble sets (.29), Justice League holographic stickers (.10)

    1. What did the Glad cling wrap look like? Was it near the summer stuff? I found Glad containers labeled SUMMER Collection but have yet to see any of the cling wrap.

  5. Geeze, I’m so jealous of these great Targets with all the clearance! Mine has almost nothing left, and it’s still at 70% off (yes, I scanned several items). It’s a pattern at my T though. They are behind everyone else. Probably because they know they can get rid of it all without ever going to 90. 🙁

  6. Checked Waterford Super target in Orlando…one endcap scanning 70%. Might try another store tonight when dh gets home. We have a sick dog and I don’t want to leave him home alone.

  7. 90% off this morning in Northern VA. I got towels ($1.09, but several were not marked down as much), kids’ gardening gloves ($.39), plastic cups ($.19) and pitcher ($.79), pool inflatable swan ($.99), large metal tubs ($1.49 and $1.99), watering cans ($.59), bbq spatulas ($.99), glo-sticks ($.10), mini-golf sets ($.29), and picnic caddy ($.99). I’m sure I’m missing some. We had a ton of cake mixes, but I skipped them because my kids don’t like the flavors.

  8. yesssss I scored big!!!!! I got the pitchers for $0.79 cool gear freeze me water cups w straw for $0.59 Glad containers $0.33 summer water cups with the flip top for $0.49 small water guns 3 in a pack for $0.09 the big water gun holds 23 oz of water for 1.00….

  9. anyone in WA know? I checked yesterday, and its only 50% off. I don’t want to haul all my 3 kids and find it to be 50% off still.

  10. There was not much left in our store in Decatur, AL, but I got a superman bucket hat for my son $.59, a superman snack container $.39, a pitcher $.79, a metal garden tool set (for the beach) $.49. I didn’t look in the lawn and garden stuff but it appeared as though all of those things were not clearanced out yet. Our sunscreen is still full price and beach towels are still 30% off. Our toys are still 30-50% off too..I don’t see them going 70% off this week…maybe by next Tuesday.

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