Target Stanley x Starbucks Tumbler

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We have some awesome news! There is a Stanley x Starbucks tumbler that will be available at Target locations with a Starbucks on Tuesday, May 9th! We have been told that each store will be getting a VERY limited quantity (like maybe only 2 tumblers). These are said to be priced around $45.

The Stanley x Starbucks tumbler are pretty peach color.  Are you going to try to grab ones of these tumblers or just skip is because of the limited quantity?

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  1. Not worth the 2 hour wait, I was first in line and they are already sold out upon the doors opening. How can that be? Sounds like something really fishy was going on, at the Bridgewater Target in New Jersey. Hmmmm.

    1. Honesty I don’t understand why they would only have 2 in each store I understand the whole limited edition thing but come on Starbucks and Stanley should know better than to do that get it together

  2. What a joke to have only 2 of those or possibly none. Why would I bother to get in line when their own “associates” can also get them. Do they want to sell a product or not?? Why not have them at ………..maybe all of the Starbucks stores. Honestly most of us have to be at work at 8 so ………..there you are.

  3. I was second in line at 730AM store opened and she said she didn’t receive any also said next nearest store got 2 but were already sold. How can that be when store just opened. Did they hold,them? Not a fair situation if they did.

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