Target: Heads Up! Valentine LEGO’s in Easter Section ringing up at $ .39

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This may not be the case for everyone, but I thought it was worth mentioning!     Reader Dennis shared this photo on the All Things Target Facebook page and let me know that the LEGO’s that were found in the Valentine section have showed up in the Easter section at one of his store.    They are ringing up at $ .39.

If you are heading to Target, you may want to check the Easter section to see if they are there.    The bad news is once the Valentine clearance is all gone, these will probably start ringing up at regular price, so the $ .39 price may not last very long.  If you scan them and they come up at “Item not Found” that usually means that they have been salvaged, and in my experience they very rarely will sell them to you at the 90% off price (or even at all).

This is an totally “iffy” deal, so I wouldn’t make a special trip to Target.     If you do go, let us know if you find them for $ .39 too.

A big HUGE thanks to Dennis for tip and photo!

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  1. My store in St. Petersburg, FL only had one and it was ringing up “item not found” so i didn’t even bother trying to buy it. Bummed!

  2. They had a big stack of these in the Valentine clearance section at my store, but they were already ringing up at $3.99 on Wednesday. 🙁

  3. At my store in Pittsburgh, all the non-marked items that were ringing up on clearance, (My Little Pony, Sesame street characters etc.) were ringing up as ‘item not found’ and when I tried to talk to someone about it, they said that they must have been part of the Vday items and all Vday items were sent back yesterday, so today they are rining up as item not found. So they said these items I had must have been missed and they would not sell them to me at the 90% off….sad!! 🙁

  4. Has anyone noticed that in general Target doesn’t seem to have a clearance section for toys anymore ? I have checked 3 stores and don’t see anything. Seems a bit strange, wonder if they are moving to a clearance aisle like Walmart.

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