Target: Halloween Clearance could be 90% off

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I just heard from Sophie that the Halloween items at her 2 stores in Milwaukie, WI was ringing up at 90% off today. Woo Hoo!   The candy can vary from 50-70% off.   If you don’t see 90% off signs at your store, scan the items to make sure, sometimes they don’t get the chance to switch out the signs.

If you make it to Target for some of the Halloween clearance, I would love to see what you pick up and hear how much you saved. You can post photos directly on the All Things Target Facebook page, or email me a photo at [email protected].

Happy Shopping! Thanks Sophie!

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  1. Just got off the phone with the operator at my local Target (Norfolk VA), and they said that Halloween items won’t go to 90% off. Bummer!

  2. appleton,wi was 90% this morning. candy was still 50%.
    got costumes for 3.00,2.00, and 2.50

    divivded plated and sippy cups .29 and .39 each

    cupcake and other kits for .59and .39

    kraft marshmallows indiv. pack in large bag for .29
    boo berry cereal for .26

  3. Just left Target in Sherwood, OR & it was still ringing up 70% off. When I was leaving, though, there was a huge ‘Target Team’ meeting down by the seasonal Christmas & Halloween section. Not sure if they were getting ready to mark down further or just starting to refill the empty sections?

  4. I had two seperate scanners in the same Target price things differently. One showed everything 70% so I asked a shopper if her costumes were ringing up 90% and she said yes…so I grabbed my stuff and headed to another scanner. Sure enough 90%. I have never had that happen before…Lesson learned, just glad I didn’t start putting stuff back 🙂

  5. Central Coast of CA went 90% off today. Candy is still 50%. Spent $12.48, saved $76.05. Found a wreath in the home clearance section, but because it was labeled a Halloween wreath, it was also 90%: $4 for a $40 wreath!

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