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Target Halloween Clearance 70% off

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Great news!  It looks like the Target Halloween clearance went 70% off!  The food and candy should have jumped to 50% off.  Don’t forget to scan a few items to double check the price.  

For your reference, the clearance went 90% off last year on November 5th, which isn’t normal, but we’ll be sure to post a soon as we hear that it has gone 70% off.

What is the selection looking like at your store?   Mine had a ton of costumes, very little candy and a few misc items.  Here are some things you want to look for while hunting Halloween clearance.

Make sure to check for clothing this often ends up in it’s respective departments (women’s, kids, etc)

There are some drinkware that doesn’t necessarily look Halloween but may have Halloween type colors.

If you are lucky you’ll find one of these waffle makers!

Lastly, don’t forget to check the pet treats with Halloween packaging.

We’d love to see what you find!  Either share on Facebook or tag us on Instagram at @allthingstarget


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      1. Seeing the same in the midwest. Went from 70% to ….dumptser? Returm to mfg?

        3 isles of stuff, all gone, tons of merch!

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