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Target Halloween Clearance 70% off??

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We are have heard from our readers that some stores are reporting 70% off Halloween clearance.  Reader Katie picked up the items above at 70% off.   Keep in mind that clearance can vary by location so this may not be happening at all stores.   If you store isn’t 70% off today, there is a very good chance that it will happen tomorrow.  Food items will be 50% off (or even still 30% off in some cases).  If your store still have 50% off signs up make sure to scan a few items to check the price. they don’t always get the chance to switch out the signs.  Don’t forget the Halloween clearance also includes the dollar spot items, you will find most stores have moved these items to the back of the store and put them with the Halloween stuff.


The dollar spot items include the Halloween, Thanksgiving and the party supplies.  Here is an example of some of the dollar spot items Katie found, the thank you notes were $.30, the cute fork set was $.30, and the tissue paper (50 pk) was only $.90.

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