Monopoly Game: Target Edition + Top 50 Toys for 2021

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Hasbro sent me a copy of the Monopoly Game: Target Edition for free.

Oh my goodness! How cool is this Target Edition Monopoly game? The game is on sale for $19.99 this week. In this version, players strive to find the very best deals, instead of buying up expensive properties! In the end, the player that saves the most money is crowned the winner! This game is listed as one of the top 50 toys in Target’s annual Top 50 toy list.  Head on over to to check out the entire list of Top 50 toys for 2021.

You pretty much need the Target Monopoly game just for the cute playing pieces!

Here is a peek at some of the cards in the game.   Admit it!  Who has bought Halloween decorations in August?

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