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Ora Round Paper Towels available at

Let me introduce you to the innovative round Ora Paper Towels that are now available online at in a single roll or 3-roll pack.  These are not your average paper towels!

Ora Paper Towels 2x

Ora sheets are cleverly stacked instead of rolled around a cardboard tube, one Ora stack contains the same number of sheets as two traditional rolls of paper towels.    Because they are stacked it also makes them compact and easy to grab a single sheet with just one hand!

Ora Stacked Paper Towels

The unique design will have you wanting to keep them on your kitchen counter instead of shoving them under your sink.  Each roll comes with a round plastic base to keep them dry and stacked neatly.

one-handed grab Ora Paper Towels

My favorite feature is that you can grab a single sheet with one hand because all the sheets are stacked on top of each other.   So many times when I am in the kitchen my hands are a mess, getting a paper towel can be a struggle.   With the Ora Paper Towel design grabbing a single sheet is a breeze, even if I have messy hands.


The Ora Paper Towels are perfectly sized, the round shape makes sure they fit in your hand perfectly.


Not only do the Ora paper towels look great with their clever design, they are strong enough to tackle a dirty job, but still soft enough to clean your child’s dirty face.  They are made with a super strong weave so they won’t disintegrate when wet.


The Ora Paper Towel also come in handy for serving messy snacks, because they are circular and start out cone shape you can slip the snack inside and it’s easy for kids to hold.


My personal thoughts: I used the Ora Paper Towels in my kitchen and I was really impressed by the design and how well they are made. I mentioned it before, but I think the one-handed grab is genius!  There is no waste because you get a perfect sized paper towel each and every time.  I love them and will be happy to replace these with my old paper towels.

Ora Paper Towels Target

You can order Ora Paper Towels online at  Shipping at is FREE on any size order, so it’s the perfect time to order a roll of Ora Paper Towels and give them a try.  Free shipping valid through 1/1/17.

Ora Paper Towels (single roll) $2.99 ~ Currently on sale $2.24!

Ora Paper Towels (3-pack) $7.99 ~ Currently on sale $5.99!

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