Target Easter Clearance 2013 70% off!??

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I heard from a few people that the Easter clearance went to 70% off at Target yesterday.    We should find that most stores have gone 70% off today.     Most people are reporting that even thought items went to 70% off the candy and food has stayed at 30% off.

Let us know what great deals you find at your store.    You are more than welcome to post your photos on the All Things Target Facebook page or email me a photo at [email protected].

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  1. When I went yesterday I found the $1 aisle stuff still at 50% but the regular Easter stuff was 70% I found that odd. Hopefully the dollar aisle will be 70%!

  2. Twin Falls store Easter was 70 off and food was 50. We found lots of wall decals, surge protectors, tools and car accessories 70% off too.

  3. My Target store in Perinton NY has TONS of candy left and it is scanning at 50% off. All the Items in the dollar spot with a black circle are 70% off. There are not many decorations or basket fillers left it is pretty much just candy but there are some great coupons on and that can be paired up. Look for the m&m’s, Haribo, Orbit, and Snickers. Happy shopping!

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