Target Dollar Spot (Bullseye’s Playground) Items Available Online at Target.com

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Many of the fun items you find in the Target Dollar Spot (Bullseye’s Playground) are now available online at Target.com.  The selection changes all the time, so be sure check back to see what cool new items you can find.   In most cases you can’t buy a single items, you will have to buy them in multiples.  This will come in handy if you need several items for a party, wedding or multiple gifts.

Some of the brand new Dollar Spot items are not available online, there are some popular items right now like rope baskets, throw pillows and faux plants. 

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    1. Not all of then items you have to buy in quantities of 8. I have 3 things in my cart that I only have to buy 3 of each. I dont think thats bad. I can keep as gifts to give later or try selling.

    1. My local target had some actual lanterns on clearance near the Halloween aisle in the back of the store. I got one priced $9 that rang up for $5 and received a discount for a small crack in the glass that was hardly visible so I got it for $4.

  1. I’m looking for 12 red wooden fire trucks that were in the Target Spot recently for $1.00 each for a December birthday party.

  2. I’m looking for the state things (necklace, keychain, totes, etc) for the stayed of NC that were with the holiday stuff.

    1. I am too! Were you ever able to track them down? I even had friends in Washington going to the shores for me but no luck!

  3. Im looking for the pink bottle brush christmas trees… I just bought 1 at target but cant find them online can anybody help me please please

  4. I’m looking for a wooden glitter figurine, one was a pink doughnut and the other a pink unicorn featured around December 2017.

  5. Hello! I am looking for the tea towels that were in the dollar section. It was around Easter when they were available. They were sold as “1 piece”. Any and all patterns wanted.

    Thanks so much!

    1. I have 3 unused tea towels from Bullseyes playground this waster. 1 yellow polka dot, 1 lime striped, and 1 coral, lime and yellow spots. Reach out to me @claudcollection on poshmark. Willing to send them to you at no charge, as I have no use for them. Thanks!

  6. I’m looking for tote bags that are white/cream that have a pineapple on the front. Need 3 off possible

  7. I am looking for 5 never stop exploring cinch bags. They were in the $1-$3 section in target. Anyone?

  8. I’m desperately looking for the small cubby bins in an assortment of colors!!! Please help! I’ve been to about 12 stores and have only found 6! Willing to pay way more than the original price.

  9. Looking for the Home is where your mom is sign from summer. It was my first mothers days gift and mine fell and broke and I’m heart broken

  10. I wish they would just sell this stuff online. My target never has anything in stock. EVER!!! even halfway through the season. I have to drive over 30 minutes to the next one and I never know what’s there.

  11. Does anyone know where Target gets these items from? Also, I am looking for the waffle cone glasses they had right before the holidays! Does anyone know where to get them or wants to part with theirs?!?

  12. This past spring I bought a ceramic floral mug from the Target Dollar Spot and it was my favorite mug ever. A few weeks ago it fell and broke. My brother threw it out without even telling me. Since it was a seasonal item and this article says selection changes all the time, should I ever hope to find a new one just like it? 🙁 I only had it for a few short months.

  13. I’m looking for the magnetic numbers pack that they had in the Dollar Spot in August. I need 15 of them for Valentines Day for my daughter’s preschool. Please let me know if anyone has any ?♥️

  14. Hello everyone!

    I am look for the galvanized bins and the two tiered stands! Please let me know if anyone has them.. thanks so much!

  15. I am desperately looking for a little ivory planter that was in the Dollar Spot that had “Grow Where You Are Planted” on it.
    If anyone has one or knows where I can get at least one of them, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

  16. I know this is a wild request, but I’m still looking for the tan straw totes with ribbon handles that Target sold about 2 years ago.

  17. I am looking for the small shelves in various sizes – one was shaped like a house and another a hexagon and maybe a triangle. Any shape will work – looking for 2 if possible.


  18. I am looking for the plastic flowers. There was a purple tulip, yellow daffodil, sunflowers etc. kids toy. Please contact if you have any! Thank you so much!

  19. I am looking for the dollar spot tiered trays! We never get them and we live on a secluded military base an hour away from the nearest target.

  20. I am looking for the mini whisk, the mini rolling pin ,the mini oven glove. They come with recipes. Has anyone seen them

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