Target Dollar Spot – Valentine’s 2019

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

Here are a bunch of goodies that are available in the Target Dollar Spot for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you check out my two other posts highlighting more of the new items in the Target Dollar Spot:


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  1. Do you happen to pick stuff up and mail it to people? I live in halifax Nova Scotia and we don’t have a target. That would be so nice if you did or knew of someone that does!!

    1. Did you calculate how much it would cost a complete stranger to do this for you? Count in the items you want, packaging, postal insurance and the time to do this it would come out to be at least $ 150.
      So did you think about the cost? That would be so nice if you did.!!

    2. Wow the person above is a real piece of work. I’d be willing to do that. I don’t see why not! I would assume you would pay for shipping!

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