Target Weekly Clearance Update

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Hello friends! It has been months since I went to an actual Target store, I have been doing my fair share of shopping online at Target.com. I finally made it to a Target store this week so I decided to take a bunch of photos to give you a Target Weekly Clearance Update! I know most of you have had your Target stores open this entire time, but many of us have had strict stay at home orders in place. Since I never really did my regular grocery shopping at Target I felt it was best just to stay away. Oh how I missed it!

Here is a peek at some of the items I found on clearance at my store this week. Keep in mind that clearance deals can vary from store to store so you may not find the exact same deals. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something better! Before I get to all the deal, I have heard from a couple of reliable sources that Target is going to do less marking down items with clearance stickers and more tagging the shelves of the clearance items. You will see that is the case in many of the photos.

Lastly, please continue to be safe. I’m not posting this to encourage you to run to Target, I just thought it would be fun to share something that we have missed so much. Target encourages everyone to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. Now…on to the fun stuff!

I didn’t find too much at 70% off, but I did find these Funko Pez dispensers at 70% off.

This Dr Seuss Lorax book was also 70% off.

Cute Narwhal book was 50% off.

I also found this Imagine Ink gift set at 70% off.   

There were some frames at 50% off.

Lots of faux plants at 30% off, these were $7.00.

The reusable water bottles had a ton of clearance!  These Cat & Jack bottles were 50% off and priced at $3.98.

Contigo travel mugs were only $5.98 (50% off).

How cute are these reusable sandwich bags?  They were 30% off.

The kitchen items from Opalhouse were 30-50% off.

Fun glass storage containers from Pyres were 30% off.

I found quite a few handbags marked down to 50% off.

Lots of Sugarfix by Baublebar was also 50% off.

I found a TON of More Than Magic jewelry also marked down to 50% off.

There is a huge selection of bedding at 30-50% off.

I also noticed an end cap filled with curtains at 30% off.

The baby department has some items on clearance, most of the items were only 15% off, but I did find a few at 30% off.

The toy department has some markdowns too.  Most items were 30-50% off.

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