Favorite Target Circle Offers

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

We thought it would be fun to share a bunch of Target Circle offers we don’t want you to miss! We found a few that offer big savings, some are on our favorite products and some will be great for the upcoming holiday weekend.

50% off One A Day Fruit Bites Vitamins

50% off Flintsone Fruit Bite Vitamins

25% off Coca-Cola Beverages (12pk cans & 8pk bottles)

25% off Pepsi Brands Soda (12oz 12pk can varieties)

25% off Assorted Sodas (12 oz 12 pk cans)

25% off bubly Enhanced Sparkling Water (16 fl oz can varieties)

20% off Starbucks Beverages (hot, iced or blended)

20% off The Cheesecake Factory At Home

20% off Daiya Ice Cream Bars

30% off Wiley Wallaby Licorice

30% off Snappers Chocolate

30% off Lily’s Chocolate Bars

20% off Guittard Chocolate Chips

15% off It’s summer! Time for Ice Cream! play ice cream counter

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