Ninja CREAMi at Target

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Target has the popular Ninja CREAMi in stock and on sale this week! I’ve owned this appliance for several months and I have been wanting to share it because I love it so much!  Unfortunately, it has been out of stock since before Christmas. 

You can make so many creamy treat with this machine, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothie bowls, sorbets and more!  The best part is once you make your ice cream, you can add your own mix-ins.  My current favorite ice cream is fresh strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in.  It is so good!  The ice cream is so fresh and creamy tasting!  This appliance has been one of my favorite kitchen purchases EVER!!

I highly recommend the Ninja CREAMi, you and your family can have fun getting creative creating your own ice cream flavors.

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