Target After Christmas Clearance: Watch for these Items!!

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It’s time of the after Christmas clearance!  I went through the holiday section at Target and took some photos of items that *should* go on clearance the day after Christmas.   Many of these items may or may not end up back in their original section.  For instance, the crayons and tape may end up back in the office/art supply section.   By sharing these photos you will know what items to look for in the event they get put back into their section and become “hidden deals”.

I love after holiday clearance sales because everything goes 50%, 70% and finally 90% off (except food it goes 30%, 50% and 70%). Here are the dates the Christmas items were marked down last year. There is no guarantee they will happen the same days this year but it gives us a good idea of when it may happen. The past few years the food gets marked down to the next level a day or two after these dates:

  • 50% off – December 26th
  • 70% off – December 30th
  • 90% off – January 4th

IMG_7704 (1)

These Nivea limited edition tin are regularly $5.00, so at 50% off they will be only $2.50.


Watch for the Burt’s Bees packs with a tree on the front, but also look for mint cocoa that has no holiday theme to them at all.


Every year the clearance eos are always popular.   This year they flavor you are looking for is Blackberry Nectar.


This super cute 4-pack of Hello Kitty soft lips cubes is regularly priced at $10.99.   These would make cute favors for a girls birthday party.


There are 3-packs of holiday ChapStick and they are priced at $2.99.


I am loving this Crayola Star Wars 64 pack of crayons.   I hope these are part of the clearance!


There are some other Star Wars items like card games and trading cards.


I found this cute 12-pack of yoobi mini gel pens.   The regular price is $4.99.


There are drawing boards with several different characters on them.


Watch for these Barbie dolls with dresses in blue, purple and pink.   The regular price is $4.99.   These would be perfect for Easter baskets, they even look more “springy” then they look “Christmasy”.

IMG_7718 (1)

There are some Frozen purse kits.

IMG_7719 (1)

I saw several Disney Princess themed items like LipSmackers and this 5-pack of body wash.


Target usually always brings in fingernail polish for the holidays.  You want to look for the brand Sinful Colors.  There are a variety of colors to choose from like Ruby Ruby, Twilight Twinkles, Queen of Beauty, Aubergine, Green Ocean, Dream On, Teal Midnight, Endless Blue, Pride, Energetic Red, Gilded, Supernova, Cinderella, Frenzy and Pine Away.



This is alway a great time to stock up on paper goods.   You will find holiday Dixie prints as well as solid red prints from Spritz.


One section that gets overlooked sometimes are the cords and lighting.   There are also command strips for hanging that goes on clearance too.



IMG_7701 (1)


The Glad, Ziploc and Reynolds items are always popular and often go quickly at 50% off.   Let’s all make a promise to not buy til 70% off, OK?    There are some coupons for Ziploc:


There is a good chance the facial tissue may not go on the holiday clearance schedule, they didn’t for Halloween.  Keep your fingers crossed that they do.

PicMonkey Collage

I always stock up on Scotch tape with the after Christmas sale.    Hopefully these packs will go on clearance.


These Scotch Multi-Purpose scissors usually go on clearance too!

This will give you some ideas of what to watch for when you head to shop the after Christmas clearance at Target.

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  1. FYI- In Pittsburgh, South Hills

    Frozen Purse Kits – 30%
    Chapstick – not ringing up on sale
    Lip Smacker sets – 30%

    In addition to the single EOS, my store had boxed sets of 3 EOS at 30% off. They looked decorative, but they were the plain containers that you could decorate with included stickers.

    There were also Spritz large Christmas balls filled with 12 bouncy balls for $1.50 (50% off $3.00). Great for party favors. The balls weren’t Christmasy at all.

    The only thing that I scanned in the Dollar Spot were holiday pencils. They were 50% off so I would imagine the other Christmas things would be on sale as well.

    The holiday Puffs and holiday Kleenex hand towels were 50% off but NOT marked.

    There was also a ton of wrapping paper but no gift bags.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts!!!

  2. Today in Fayetteville, AR the Star Wars crayons were 50% and the Barbies were too. I paid $2.49 each for them. I also got some Walking Dead Megablocks sets for 50% too.

  3. Where would we find any Christmas gift sets that have been marked down, like the Nivea Tins you pictured? Would we find those in the section of the store they would normally be in, a clearance end-cap, or with the Christmas decorations and candy clearance section?

    1. They typically get moved to an endcap in the beauty section. Smaller sets like chapstick or E0S are frequently moved in the beauty aisles with the regular prices stuff, so you may have to hunt and peck.

  4. I appreciate your help for the Xmas finds! I too. don’t understand why people raid the paper goods, Kleenex, hand towels, Xmas themed containers, foil, Saran Wrap and ziplock bags at 50 off. Even if you factor in a few coupons, Costco is much cheaper! Wait until 70 people and then call that a deal. I don’t buy anything at 50, I’m a 70-90 shopper…and yes paper plates and napkins do last in my store at that discount! Wait!!

    1. I think it depends on where you live and people’s price points. I feel the same way about wrapping paper. My store had two full aisles of paper but not a single gift bag (which seemed odd). I was surprised at how many people were buying the paper at 50%. I won’t even start looking at that until it’s 70% off. We definitely had a lot less paper products/foils/wraps this year at my store. Last year, there was a ton of kleenex that never had the clearance sign, so it went to 70% and then 90% – talk about a happy dance – especially with coupons.

  5. I went to two different stores and the Barbie section was practically empty. It would’ve been great to stock up on those dolls for Christmas gifts for my students for next year. I couldn’t really find any of the holiday themed items mentioned above. My main goal was to look for the $1 or $4 stockings. I usually get them when it’s 70% or 90% off but since there wasn’t much left yesterday, I bought what they had which wasn’t much. I’m kind of bummed with what was left over. Usually I get a ton of stuff in the post holiday clearance.

  6. Items were still at 50% this morning at my store. I was able to score the cartwheel mixer though that I have been trying to get since before Christmas. So I am happy with my day.

  7. Still 70% in Indianapolis. This is getting ridiculous. Even the workers were wondering why they are holding onto this stuff for so long.

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