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More Readers’ Target 90% off Valentine Clearance Finds

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We have a new batch of photos of 90% off Valentine clearance deals our readers scored! We are blown away with all of the great stuff you all have been finding!

Gaby found the cutest Fondue set I have ever seen!  She also picked up some nice Starbucks mugs!  You can check out the rest of her 90% off shipping trip below.

Jamie did super!  On her first clearance shopping trip she bought a lot of art supplies to fill her gift closet for her kids.

Jamie’s 2nd trip, she picked up a ton of buckets, gift boxes, bath bombs, massagers, makeup bags and cookie cutter sets.  Her nephews have a fundraiser coming up and her sister plans on making gift sets.  Using Target clearance for things like this is such a fantastic idea and it saves you so much money!!

Amy found a super cute little bunny that would be perfect for an Easter Basket. 

This was Julie’s first time shopping the Target holiday clearance and she was thrilled with her finds!   So many cute shirts for super cheap.

Krysta grabbed apparel for kids and some Crayola construction paper and glue sticks.

Mary picked up these beautiful roses for only $2 per dozen!

Liv paid only $.99 for this super sweet long sleeve tee.

Erica brought home apparel, jewelry holders, glasses, a beauty brush set and more!

Megan found these adorable Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals!  Those are the sweetest!

Morgan was really excited with all of the items she picked up.  The candy was 70% off. 

Amy scored this really cool Mickey tee along with some gift bags.

Pam found some nice baking items!  She also picked up plates, gift bags, vases, lip balm and so much more.  Those Skittles Lip Smackers sets are cool.  Great find on the sprinkles too, I haven’t seen those yet. 

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We have had a blast looking at all of your super 90% off clearance deals! Please feel free to share your photos any of the following ways:

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