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Readers’ Target 70% off Christmas Clearance Finds

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WOO HOO! It has been awhile since we have be able to share some awesome clearance finds from our readers! Here is a peek at some of the sweet 70% off Christmas clearance deals our readers scored!

First of all, check your stores!  Kevin is reporting that the Dollar Spot clearance is ringing up at 90% off.  This is very good news, it gives us hope that the Christmas clearance will hit 90% off this year (fingers crossed).

Heather was thrilled to find these Studio McGee storage bins! These were priced at only $15 (reg $50).  This is such an amazing find because the Studio McGee stuff is hard to find on a regular day.

Make sure you check out the oral care section, Melinda found several Crest and Scope oral care items.

Suezanne found some awesome blankets and I am jealous of the Harry Potter socks she found.

Kristina was happy to pick up some super cute gift bags she can use year around!   I love shopping for wrapping paper and gift bags at Christmas time that can be used year round.

 How pretty is the Twinkling LED Round light set Kristie found?   She also scored some fo the Hearth & Hand items.

Here is a peek at Melinda’s haul!  I love the Hearth & Hand mailbox and I’m impressed she found Glad wrap.

Yvette found a couple of end caps filled with lots of the Hearth & Hand bedding and throw pillows.

These mini LEGO packs Rachel found would be awesome to use as party favors or as next year stocking stuffers! She also picked up some Native deodorant and other beauty items you can check out in the picture below.


Sarah found so many Zak tumblers in different sizes and colors!  Don’t forget to browse the pet department. Sarah picked up a ton of goodies for her pets including a cool Advent calendar (pictured below).

We love seeing all of the awesome Christmas clearance deals you all have scored!   If you have any photos you wish to share, please feel free to submit your pictures any of the following ways:

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  1. These pictures are so helpful! Thank you all for posting! I am hopeful there will still be merchandise left on January 1 and it will ring up at 90 percent off. This is one of my favorite days of
    The year! Fingers crossed we can find the deep discounts that will allow us to make big donations to families in need for the following year. Thank you for all you do!

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