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Readers’ 90% off Halloween Clearance Deals

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I love when holiday clearance goes 90% off!! It’s so much fun seeing what you all find especially when I don’t have time to make it to the store myself. I can share in all the great stuff you all find, so thanks so much for sharing these photos.

The Halloween food and candy should be 70% off while all other Halloween items are 90% off at Target today. Please keep in mind that some stores may vary from this schedule, but I have heard from TONS of people that it is in fact 90% off today.


Wow! Check out all the great things Brynne bought at 90% off. I am so impressed with all the Frozen costumes she found.


I thought my store had a lot left at 70% off, but check out what Keri’s store has left at 90% off. This is the location in Magnolia TX outside of The Woodlands. Apparently the Target Halloween clearance IS bigger in Texas.


Here is what April scored, she even found organic snacks for kids at 70% off. I am jealous of those finds for sure.


Here is what Christina said about her haul: I got a girls minion costume, toddler bee costume, Spider-Man and captain America costumes, two sets of ninja swords, 3 minion lollipops, one decorative pumpkin, a bag of candy corn Hershey’s bars, a costume bask with feathers, black widow costume, giant Pom Pom kit, light up avengers stickers, and 3 sets of play wings. All the candy and stickers are going in Christmas stockings, the costumes are for the kids when they play dress-up. Only spent $22 and I saved over $175!


This is what Kristi found in Canton, OHIO.


Kristine paid $24 for everything she found.   Notice she also found some of the dollar spot clearance which included gift bags and tissue.


Lacey found all this at her Marquette, MI store.   I can’t believe she still found some of the Up & Up orange cups, those were only $.29 for each pack.   You scored girl!

Keep those photos coming!   Not only do I love to see them, but everybody else does too.   Please share your photos any of the following ways:

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  1. I bought a bunch of slate coasters yesterday at 70% off to use for holiday gifts for dance teacher, scout leaders, coaches…Will they adjust at customer service now that it’s 90% off?

    1. Usually they don’t but there’s no harm in trying. I bought cloth napkins and a few stuffed animals last easter at 70% off they returned and allowed me to purchase it again. It was an older lady so she said she could care less. Lol

  2. Christy I LOVE your site especially when it comes to holiday clearance. I thought the sale would be on Friday but I was so wrong. Anywhoo I woke up early and headed out to Target at 7:30 (they opened at 8) with my 6 & 4 year older daughter. Yikes. I felt confident because while in the parking lot I pulled up your site and saw indeed it was 90% off today. I spent $99. I got multiple costumes and other party supplies. Thank you soooo much for ALL you do. Will be back tomorrow to score some leftovers.

  3. Sorry for not pics but check the men’s section for Captain America, Spider-Man, Darth VaDer and Chewbacca hoodies. They are all $29.99 each original, down to $2.99 (except for Chewbacca, that was $49.99 down to $4.99). Also look for black hats with “zombie” written on it, and black gloves with skeleton finger prints. Great day today, although compared to years past there was considerably less. Far less.

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